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From the 1950’s up until the 80’s asbestos was commonly used by builders as it was known that it had such dangers to health. Since then it has been discovered that it can cause respiratory problems, some as serious as lung cancer and scarring in the lungs that cannot be remedied. This is why if you have been exposed to asbestos and have any ill health as a result you should know about making asbestos claims.

Although it is now known that asbestos is dangerous, what you should be aware of is that this is only the case if the area where asbestos was used has been sanded or drilled so that small breathable particles of it were created.

The problems that you can get from being exposed to asbestos may not be straight away. In fact if you have been working with it, or have disturbed it in your home then it could be many years before your health suffers. However no matter how long it has been since your contact you should make a claim so that you can be compensated for the irreversible health problems you now have.

If you look at the statistics then you will realise that you are not alone in your suffering, as in the UK which is only small in comparison to other countries there are 50’000 people to date who have suffered ill health or died because of asbestos exposure.

If your specialist has told you that the reason you are ill is because of you working or being around asbestos then you should definitely make a claim against the people who put you in such danger. Even small amounts of asbestos that may have been brought home on your work clothes could have infected other people who you have been in contact with.

If it is not you that has suffered from the effects but someone within your near family then you are still able to go forward and make a claim, even if the person is no longer with us. The people who put your loved one in danger should pay for this and the fact that you do not have them in your lives anymore. Although it will not bring them back it could still help you meet costs that this person would have been able to cover had they not become ill.

One thing that is certain is that while working with asbestos you should be fully protected to prevent the serious health problems. If you were not given this opportunity then you should not have to go without your health or finances.

You will be given support and advice throughout your claim to ensure you get what you are entitled to. You cannot turn back time, but what you can do is make sure that those who have not provided protection for their workers or tenants pay for the damage they have caused.


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