Get $75 Worth of Advertising Credits, $25 adwrods, and $50 Facebook. Cheap!

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These vouchers are created using godaddy hosting, You’ll be able to get $25 Adwords, $50 Facebook, $50 adCenter Vouchers! For only $6.99. It’s a good deal $125 of advertising credits for $6.99, you can use it.


First step is you need to login or register at godaddy.c you can do that by visiting .

Then Visit:

STEP 2  

Choose 1 mo: $6.99/mo under Delux Plan, click add
Scroll to the bottom of the page choose No thanks. Continue to checkout

STEP 3  

Go to checkout, and purchase the hosting for 1 month, then receive your credits and cancel the plan.
It’s really simple.


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