How to deal with stress when its at you door!!!!!!!!!!!

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Stress is in this world no matter what we do but there’s something’s  we can do to cope with it

#1.alway’s hit a punching bag if you have one otherwise hit a brick.

#2.pray about it that alway’s help. to someone about it it alway’s help’s to talk to somebody even you don’t know them or you do.

and of Course there are many other way’s as well through your life Journey’s all of ya will find them all and yes if you do make a mistake learn from it and don’t do it again if you redo your mistake again it’s alway’s your fault  so don’t blame other’s that is not how you handle all of your promblems but of course as well this Economy is getting worse therefore alot of stress there.

your finacial promblems as well create stress along with many other bad thing’s remember this alway’s save but you can spend a little bit roght there releases some stress which we all need that.

relationships create stress you all probably didnt know that but then again you all might have known that.

DIVORCE causing a whole bunch of stress that will be put on everybody else DIVORCE affects people MARRIAGE is NOTstressful.

now all of you that are SINGLE MEN AND WOMEN there’s alot of thing’s thats you all can do that don’t cost very much such as food your Need’s and Want’s but don’t get me wrong all ya SINGLE PEOPLE you all should get MARRIED it takes 2 now just to live now i’m not ENCOURAGING YOUNG TEENS to runaway and get married thats the last thing you should think about at that AGE

BABY’S cause stress at the same time not putting stress on ya all if you all catch what i was saying.

but yes there’s alot of stress out there just watch out for it stress is probably at your door or calling you.


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