Tapped; You Might Stop Drinking Bottled Water After Watching This Documentary

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I am watching a documentary called “Tapped“, that talks about the dark side of the bottled water industry.  The bulk of bottled water comes from Nestle, Coke, and Pepsi.  The majority of it is sold in the state in which it was bottled, which means that it is not subject to strict regulation like the FDA.  In most cases tapped water, which may be tested up to 400 times in one month in a large metropolitan area of three million people or more, is safer than bottled water.

The chemicals in the plastic that the water is sold to consumers in often leaks into the water itself, and this is before the seals on the bottle are even broken.  If you do not drink the water immediately you are worse off.  One of the chemicals you have to worry about are polyethylene terephthalate, the bulk of this comes from a petroleum plant in Corpus Christi, TX, the largest in the nation.  Many of the people that live in the neighborhood of that plant are suffering from some type of cancer or debilitating disease.  

What really got me that was in Maine, the towns that often provide this water do not have access to it for themselves because corporations like Nestle have rights to it before they do.  So those towns may end up going without water, or are forced to use ground water.  Ironically, Atlanta, which is where Coca-Cola is based, goes without water during droughts when Coca-Cola is busy taking the water and putting it into products like Dasani.  Atlanta is not a small town in Maine, but a city of over 400,000 with a metropolitan area of 5 million; there are often droughts and strict regulations on how much water people can consume while Coca-Cola takes that same water, puts it in bottles and ships it to the rest of the country!

Everyone thinks that bottled water is safe, everyone thinks that this is just extra water that is just sitting around and it is not!  There is no way to tell if the water comes from a spring or from the tap; chances are if it does come from the tap it might actually be better for you!  The production of bottled water is killing us, and the consumption of bottled water might also be killing us.  I use a filter at home but I still drink bottled water while I am out and about.  I mean, when is the last time you got bottled water out of an actual glass?  I don’t know about you, but the smell of the water at some of the plants around here is enough to turn me off to tap water, but I might be better off drinking that water.  Tapped gives you a lot to think about; I doubt that you will stop drinking bottled water entirely, but you may give it a second thought when you drink it because some company told you that it was “pure”, and “healthy”.  


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