Health And Safety In The Manufacturing Industry

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Industries in a bid to increase production often ignore worker health and safety. Policies need to be set and revised annually to improve the worker’s environment. Lucky Alloys a division of the Lucky Group shows us how vital worker health and safety is to a company

The manufacturing industry is one of the most demanding environments an individual could ever work in. The number of dangers a worker in a factory is exposed to often exceeds the benefits of the job. The hazards that a worker is exposed to can come in many forms. Extremely loud noise for prolonged periods often leads to hearing loss. While exposure and handling of certain harmful chemicals may lead to the worker falling ill; moreover the worker may fall ill gradually after continuous inhalation of certain chemicals over extended periods of time. Excess vibration or even sparks and metal filings from cutting machines can be dangerous without the necessary precautions.

Many industries the world over often ignore health and safety norms because they claim they cannot afford it. Unions fight for their rights and companies find them unnecessary which eventually leads to strikes and huge losses. The simple solution is to take care of each and every danger that a worker in the plant would face. Moreover manufacturing plants and industries should always set safety norms before setting up and avoid such instances altogether.

Lucky Alloys is a Dubai based secondary and semi-primary aluminum alloy manufacturing facility that takes worker health and safety seriously. They follow strict policies at all levels of the work environment. These include detailed training and clear communication of instructions to all employees. Lucky Alloys is the alloy manufacturing division of the Lucky Group of companies which is based on a foundation that follows the best industry standards in terms of cleanliness, work environment and pollution. Moreover the company also updates their health policies regularly. All these policies would not be followed well without the help of experienced health and safety officers; even the operations and HR all ensure that worker health and safety policies are strictly followed. Lucky Alloys also makes an effort to periodically revise their designs and systems to introduce further ecologically beneficial products with smaller carbon footprints.


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