What Can You do In The Name Of Love?

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After seven years, finally Emman can go back home. He’s in a Japanese jail for being caught transporting yakuza money in the airport while on his way home to visit his son. Seven years in a jail made him old and modest in his ambitions. Then he met Mercedes, a prostitute which becaome a girlfriend of the politician’s son pushed him in a dangerous love triangle. Emman is irreversibly old and wasted man fated for doom. While Mercedes is sexy and seductively mysterious.  They fight their love against the family of the politician.

  In this movie, we can see how love can do the impossible thing. In the name of love you can kill and suffered people who is trying to ruin your relationship or who is trying stop your relationship.  In the name of love you will learn how to sacrifice and how to being humble. In the name of love, you will learn how to let go and when to hold on. It’s really hard to choose between letting go and holding on but in the name of love you will find the answer of those questions that keep on running on your mind. In the name of love, you will learn how to respect the people you love and how to treasure them and you will also learn how to take care of them.

  Love is a gift of God which we can share and give on the people surrounds us. Love your partner as much as you can so that you will never regret if someday you will lose them. In love, you should prepare yourself so that you’re ready for anything that may happen. In the name of love we can find the happiness and the pain that we never have.

Allright… Below is other story that drives you on love at first sight.

Edward Lewis is a rich and ruthless businessman who taking over companies and sold them out into pieces. On his travel to Los Angeles, he decides to hire a prostitute to be with her. There he found Vivian Ward a pretty woman who’s always dreaming for his prince charming to come. At first she didn’t recognized Edward as her savior because for him she’s just a prostitute, a girl from the sidewalks. But later on they’ve realized that what they’re thinking for each other is wrong and they have given a chance to change their lives.

                In this story, it tells us that first impression never lasts. For Edward, Vivian is just a sidewalk girl and for Vivian, Edward is a bad boy but when they know deeply each other, they realized that all of their impressions are wrong. We should not stick to our first impressions. We should know that person deeply before we judge or discriminate them. Some of them looks like they’re not trust worthy but if you will know that person deeply you will see that he/she is trust worthy and much better than what you think at first. Looks can be deceiving, so don’t just depend on the looks or on the physical appearance. Know that person deeply then you will see the real him.

                No matter how ugly he is or no matter how pretty she is, you should know them better before accusing them or before you discriminate them or before you judge them.


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