What is The Sign to be Fall in Love?

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Gabriel respect and cared his boss Señor Manuel an old man who is falling in love with Luisa, a confidence trickster posing as a rich. When his boss brought Luisa on the hacienda, he discovered that Luisa is a gold digger. He finds out that the girl is only after the old man’s money. He did his very best to save the Senior. He is a kind of a guy who doesn’t really believe in love. Until he woke up and realized that he was falling in love with Louisa. Because of following her, he falling in love with her and Louisa realizes that she’s falling in love with him too. And then they become lovers and fight the love that they have.         


       In the movie, you will see how love twists the life of the characters. Gabriel didn’t believe in love but when he met Louisa everything’s changed. That is love; you cannot tell when it happens. But when you feel it, you can conquer the world. On their love story, you will see that Lousia is already engaged with his boss. In love, there are times that in order to get what we want we need to sacrifice someone or there is someone who will feel the pain.


  This movie gave us inspiration and gave us idea or teaches us on how to deal love in this kind of situation. It also shows us that we can see or find love through this. If you find love in this kind of situation, you make sure that you’re ready to face all the challenges and you are ready to face the consequences of the decision that you’ve made.


   Love but don’t hurt… Fight but don’t kill… so that you can feel the real happiness if you win the fight. Never give up especially if your partner trusts you that much.

Below is one of other simalar story, just read it and enjoy.

Cecille is just an ordinary girl lives with a simple family and studied in a rural public school as scholar. She’s very simple with simple beauty but she’s lovely when you see her personally. She falls in love with a boy named Justin, a rich, handsome, smart and confident mestizo which studied in a famous school in manila. They really love each other but when the parents of Justin found out their relationship, they suddenly forced Justin to marry Donna which is a daughter of his parent’s business partner. Because of his love on Cecille, he fights it and against the will of his parents and because of that his parents order him to study in the United States to separate him from Cecille. But Justin said that he will always love her.

In this movie, we can see the different status of their lives. Cecille is just a simple girl while Justin is rich. As we can see, despite of the status of their lives, they fall in love in love with each other and they found the real love with each other. No matter what happened as long as you believe and trusts your partner, you will both conquer them all and you will feel relief or confident that your partner will didn’t do anything that can ruin your relationship. 

Trust and love is very necessary in the people who is longing for love. If you can’t trust then you should learn how to let go and if you don’t really love your partner you should set him/her free. Too much love like you didn’t give any freedom to your partner is not good. If your relationship is like this, well I can say that it’s not a healthy relationship.

We all dreamed to have someone who will love us for what we are and will fight us because he/she loves us. It’s really nice to hear when someone tells you the phrase “ I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU”.


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