Up All Night: Pilot

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Up All Night is a new NBC comedy. Comedy to me these days is in vintage television programs and not the new stuff that tends to air weekly.  Still, from time to time, particularly when new seasons start, I like to check out a few shows and see if they can make me laugh.

This show has received a lot of attention and a bunch of pre-airing commercial time. If felt like it was everywhere.  I was hopeful because it starred the talented Christina Applegate. She is currently locked into a comedy niche, but I think she’s a skilled dramatic actress and I wish she would get the chance to do more of that genre.

In this half hour series, Applegate is a new mom. The twist is that she is going to work, leaving her baby home every day with unemployed husband and father, Chris, as played by Will Arnett. It is a humorous plot gimmick as in this day and age the setup seems very believable.

However, I am not so sure I like the style with which the show is being presented. It feels like a bunch of vignettes and individual moments taped together to fill a 30 minute TV slot. While some bits were somewhat funny and identifiable for parents, it also felt contrived and disjointed.

At the same time, I will probably give this show a few trials to see if they work out the kinks. All new shows deserve some time, as long as there is some sign of potential, and this show does have potential.

Applegate is pleasant to watch, and she does have comedic timing down pat.  In addition, Arnett seems to have found the right level of humor to play his role.  It isn’t over the top, overly zany, or inappropriate; at least, not at this point. He and Applegate look good together and make a believable couple. They also both are working well with the infant actors (and dolls, no doubt) that appear in the baby scenes.

So, on the whole, it was an okay, albeit choppy, introduction, and we’ll see what happens next week.


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