Csi: Crime Scene Investigation: 73 Seconds

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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation has just begun its 12th season with an episode called 73 Seconds. This pivotal episode featured the debut of Ted Danson, who some think of more as a comedy star rather than a dramatic actor, as the new leader of the CSI team. He replaces Laurence Fishburne.

Fishburne did okay as Ray Langston, but I don’t believe he really gelled with the team.  What I liked is that he wasn’t the team leader. That was left to Marg Helgenberger. However, because of the actions last season of the Langston character, the CSI team is lucky they are still employed.  I actually agree with that. It was shocking how they bent the rules last year, not once, but frequently.

Danson’s on board as the new leader, with Helgenberger’s Catherine Willows having been demoted. Langston is gone.  He should be in prison, but instead, they’ve given him a happy ending.  I like happy endings, so I guess I won’t fret too much about it.

I am not a fan of Danson, but after watching his first hour, I think there is potential here, and there needs to be, considering that Helgenberger is exiting the show mid-season. In fact, the much beloved Gil Grissom (William Petersen) is returning for her exit show.  At any rate, CSI has been struggling, and it needs some really good new energy. I was skeptical upon hearing that Danson was the new boss, but as I said, I think there is hope.

He seemed on top of the team, in charge without being in their faces.  He also adds a lightness, no doubt a result of his comedy expertise. It worked in 73 Seconds.

As for the debut plot, it was the usual fare. I was intrigued by the little boy on the train and how he interacted with Danson’s character. There was a bit with a hundred dollar bill that fascinated me.  I also enjoyed Danson and George Eads working together on the train to figure out the solution of what happened.

So, it was a hopeful start for this drama in this new season.


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