8 Simple Tips To Know For Preventing Or Treating A Cold.

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“Better safe than sorry”!

What are the reflexes to be acquired to prevent rhinitis?

* Clean your nose with isotonic seawater (pharmacy or health food stores).
* Strengthen your immune system with echinacea for example . You find it in drops with alcohol (SIPF: 2 caps feeder / day or EPF: 20 drops 3 times / day) or alcohol-free (SPF to order pharmacy rate of 1 teaspoon in a glass of water in the morning fasting).
* Boost your energy with vitamins and minerals. Think especially of vitamin C (acerola, rose hips …), magnesium (nuts, nigari …) and iron (beets, spirulina, molasses …)
* Restore your intestinal flora with probiotics. The higher the number of bacterial strains is  the better it is. The lactospectrum (Lab Le Stum) contains 10, it’s better than I know.

Too late! The first symptoms have already appeared

You can help your body defend itself.

* By washing your nose and add 1 / 2 bulb of silver granion  per nostril. This will disinfect your sinuses effectively. If you swallow, do not panic because they are drinkable ampoules (used in the prevention of rhinitis).
* With the essential oil of Eucalyptus Radiata (Eucalyptus removed): This essential oil is suitable for both children and adults. Turn the bottle on your index finger and breathe it deeply, one nostril after another. Adults can also run a finger dipped in essential oil on the tip of the tongue. This quickly clear the nose.
* If you sneeze and your nose runs profusely (clear discharge): Allium Cepa 9CH (Boiron and Lehning): Dissolve 5 pellets under the tongue every 2 hours for 3 days.
* Avoid certain foods until full recovery (or take the opportunity to take new dietary habits):

Beware of  dairy products (butter, milk, cheese, creams …)
The consumption of dairy products is harmful to your body and far from providing calcium, causes demineralization. They deplete your stock of energy and damage your lungs (cough, sinusitis, asthma, eczema …) and your intestines.

White sugars (confectionery, candy, sodas, ice cream, cookies, pastries …)
Please do not abuse them. They acidify the body and weaken it even more if the energy of the lungs or large intestine is unbalanced (this is the case during a cold).

To conserve energy, practice physical exercise with  moderation (eg, walk every day at least 1 / 2 hour) while breathing deeply. Eat seasonal foods and “live” (raw or cooked at very low temperatures, germinated seeds..). Warm up with teas of thyme, rosemary or elderflower.
If symptoms persist, consult a competent therapist.


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