What Is The Prosperity Pyramid And How Can It Help Me Achieve Abundance in My Life?

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I invented the Prosperity Pyramid totally inadvertently. As I was trying to achieve prosperity, abundance and financial independence for my family and myself, I found I had to integrate many different components together in order to ascend this pyramid, so to speak. And the way I define prosperity and abundance is with three different components.

1. Number one would be do work you love that you’re good at, appreciated for and paid for.

2. Number two would be to have balance and control in your life or create a life with balance and control where you make your highest contribution in every role. This is a huge key to realizing more abundance.

3. And number three would be to be financially secure and working towards financial independence. And I define financial independence as when you’re semi-passive income exceeds your expenses and long before you retire, long before retirement age. That’s a paradigm shift for a lot of folks.

So in order to achieve those three things or even in today’s world, any one of them would be a challenge but all three in unison might be seen as almost impossible. So I think to do that you have to have all these different pieces on the prosperity pyramid aligned and integrated and working together, otherwise it’s probably not going to happen for you.

And the different pieces are, at the very bottom your belief basis and values; beyond that, articulating a lifetime vision for what you want to create with your life. The level beyond that is self knowledge because if you don’t know yourself, you’re going to run into road blocks because of that lack of knowledge.

Beyond the self knowledge level comes a level where I’ve got three things. One is right livelihood. One is financial independence or intelligence and in between I have something I call the “fear gap.” And that fear gap pertains to most people feeling that they can’t make enough money doing what they love. And that stops a lot of people cold. That fear gap needs to be closed.

So if you can ascend the prosperity pyramid through all those different levels and close that fear gap, then I think you can achieve a level of prosperity as per those three points that I made, if that is your definition. And I think most people would agree that if they could have those three things, they’d have a pretty prosperous and happy life.

So how can it help you is I’ve basically created a road map and in that road map I’ve given you tools and that can enable you to create your own path to prosperity as per your definition by applying these tools to you and your unique gifts, talents, skills and so forth.

So that’s how this invention of mine can help you. It’s basically a road map and a compass and if you use it properly, with some guidance, potentially you can get to where you want to go.


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