Shocking News Revealed! “research Now Discovered That Smart Eating And Living Can Prevent The Five Most Deadly Diseases!”

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Can I start this article with your approval first.  I need just  only a moments of your time to prove how different things will be this time.  And what more it won’t cause you a cent to find out .That’s right, you can believe in your own eyes when you read this. But don’t take my word for it. Be convinced  for yourself the results of  the many wise weight watchers has benefited greatly. Ok? Then, shall we begin?

          Believe me this article is written for you-the untold legions of men and women who are forever trying to fit yourselves into statistical norms for some mythical average person who is taller, shorter, fatter, skinner, less or more active than you will ever be. It is a guide to healthy living for individuals , not statistics. Wherever feasible, I have given personal advice, for this. Without doubt,  I truly believe is the only way to lead anyone to optimal health and weight, which is the purpose of this article.

I strongly believe that down-to-earth observation is potentially more valuable than much of the multibillion dollar medical research conducted over the past half-century. Such wise and simple observations when captured in formal records may save millions from the pain and suffering and death of heart attacks and cancer.  And avoid tens of billions of dollars’ worth of surgery, hospital stays, and therapy. 

This is the final result after a painstaking analysis of countless medical records comparing death and illness rates for various groups in underdeveloped countries like Africa, Asia and Middle East. Shockingly, this is what the researchers found. Why? Let’s find out. Let’s dwell seriously on the first deadly disease number one. Shall we?

Deadly Disease No. 1. Coronary heart disease.

I get straight to the point. Believe me, the  cause of heart attacks which due to entire responsible for one-third of all deaths in the United States But are virtually unknown in underdeveloped countries like Africa, Vietnam and other countries.  It has been largely researched that these people lived a harsh environment, eats complex carbohydrates and vegetables most of the time. Hence the incidence of such heart diseases is rare and almost unknown. Agreed?

Let’s move along to the next deadly disease number two. Ok?

Deadly Disease No.  2.  Cancer of the colon and rectum

Let me clue you in on a small piece of some serious information. And sorry to say that such cancer is the number    one form of lethal cancer. All other cancer disease combined cannot be compared with the cancers of the colon and rectum. Especially discovered in the United States and not Europe or other developed countries. Believe it or not it is    extremely rare in the deep jungle dwelling Africans and East Asians. This is no joking matter! You can trust me!

Deadly Disease No.  3. Hemorrhoids

Shall we pause here a moment and allow me to say something? In an unvarnished truth, I have only peeled back the first few layers of this deadly disease, but if you really want to get the truth we have to say that horrible hemorrhoid disease is really that scourge of civilization.

Believe me, such an ailment is the real culprit of untold suffering and disability. On the other hand truthfully it is extremely rare among those eating their traditional diet of underdeveloped countries. Their stable food is unpolished rice, plants and roots found in their jungle and countryside.

Next up, let go to deadly disease number four. Any problem with that? If ‘no’ let’s roll along.

Deadly Disease No.  4. Phlebitis

Are you with me so far? If you are, then let us press on! If there is one thing I want you to take away from this article, it is this disease called ‘phlebitis’ Because it so common and prevalent, don’t be deceived by this insidious disease. In plain English, we have to express that it’s an everyday sort of illness. And untold and hidden diseases which induce painful suffering among Americana. Such disease sinks into the deep veins of the legs. And it is potentially lethal. Reason? It simply because the clots when uncontrolled can shoot upward into the lungs and cause sudden death. Scary, isn’t it?

Even as we are reaching to the last disease but suffices to say, it’s not the least of importance. Read on to prove me wrong! OK? Thanks!

 Deadly Disease No.  5. Obesity,

By the way, are you getting into this, or it is rubbing you the wrong way? Having read so many deadly diseases, I would not blame you to be wary of so many diseases in one short article. If it is worth reading then I truly believe, it is worth the ink it is printed on, so to speak!

Regretfully, it must be accepted that such a disease is disgusting, disabling and disfiguring conditioning. And on top of this, it is generally known that   to some degree affects half of the population in America and other rich and advanced countries.  Lucky for   Africans, South-east Asian population  who still  adhere to their traditional diet do  not easily become obese. Not forgetting most of the time, they have to trek on foot for miles around.

            To summaries, let’s highlight the key deadly disease caused by  unhealthy living and careless eating. Firstly, the deadly disease  which is the infamous coronary heart disease. Secondly, its none other than deadly disease called cancer of the colon and rectum. Thirdly, this deadly the disease  of hemorrhoids. Fourthly, deadly disease called phlebitis. Lastly, the deadly disease of obesity.  Easy to remember! And are you  benefited by it? I think so!

My only conclusions for this article  is that we must thoroughly  search our inner conscious to  understand why American and other Western developed countries find the above revelations acceptable to them.

Let’s face reality with a series of simple but piercing questions. Right?

Could it be that the simple, almost inadequate diet of the Africans  and Asian saved them from the half dozen or so diseases that kill or cripple millions in North America and Europe? Could it be that advanced countries’ diet packed with protein, enriched with vitamins and minerals, safeguarded by government standards could be so deficient in some vital factor that it is filling their hospitals and cemeteries with victims of cancer and heart attacks?

Further more, is it possible that one-third of a million American doctors, dedicated to removing cancerous organs, ministering to heart-attack victims, and operating on appendicitis, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, and diverticulosis could someday devote their attention to practicing the preventive medicine they all agree is  more rewarding?

             These questions had to be answered once and for all.  Not on the basis of wishful thinking, but by objective analysis of scientific facts. Researchers’  observation revealed that rural Africans and Asian were spared so much illness while, the health of “modern” society was deteriorating could be explained on the basis of heredity. Perhaps there was something in the genes of black Africans, yellow Asian  that provided them with immunity to these terrible diseases.

The jury is still out there. Why? Because the researchers is still continuing their investigations. Meanwhile we truly believe that more tedious analysis of medical records around the world will surely produce hard facts and figures. Must I say more? I rest my case. End


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