Top 5 Annoying Weapons To Kill A Noob With In Call of Duty World at War!

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You find yourself in a game on Call of Duty World at War with a bunch of morons who are making the game note fun! You ask yourself, what would a noob do in my situation…There are a few possible answers to this question. Let us explore them!

Molotovs- If you get killed by a molotov you know you suck! I do this on a regular basis if someone is really annoying me I change to my good old 2x molotovs class! Repeatedly molotoving someone bangs on their self esteem so hard they tend to leave the game once they take 5-6 molotovs in the face! These have been deemed a useless form of grenades but in the right hands with a pistol (to weaken so it kills) or hardcore they can make someone the laughing stock of a match.

A rifle/Bolt Action- If you are running around with an MP-40 (amazingly noobish gun where you essentially wear a hat that says I suck and I cannot aim so I will spray the hell out of a broken gun DIE!) and you start getting owned by a crazy rifle/ bolt action user you feel a bit like an idiot and either change to a real weapon and realize you fail at Call of Duty World at War! However it takes skills to get good with a Bolt Action to beat an MP-40 spammer!

Shotty-You got tench gunned in the face. ‘Nuff said. Alternatively you can use a double barrel american shotgun for a quick double shot you got OWNED T-bag party!

Rifle Grenades- Well everybody is doing it! Make it gay and they will use it! Isn’t that an old saying? Well it should be. If they use it use it back! If they are outright idiots and making the game boring…liven it up for them with some high explosives!

A pistol- If you manage to kill someone with any kind of pistol you have brought shame to their family! You should never die to a pistol in normal Team Deathmatch. Dying to a pistol in Hardcore isn’t nearly as bad but still a bit embarassing!


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