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Once again facebook has updated their main page. I find it kinda irritating that they are constantly updating their skin. I have no clue where to find something and this is annoying. Is it only my problem?

I have talked to my friend´s and they also have trouble finding all the old applications and regular updates. The system itself seems to be old but it is giving updates in very many different ways. Also i find it very uncool that the pictures are now much bigger and they are ruining the nice casual design.Why did they have to remove the button “Recent stories” and “Top stories”. I find it the most usesless update ever. Now all people are confused and have no idea if it is a new post or already six hours old. And now about the update that is ruining the privacy. In the top right corner you can see what your friends have done lately. But also you can see such pictures that are usually invisible for you as a non-friend. Was it really a good update? 210Actually i feel very uncomfortable about the privacy thing. I dont like when everybody can see whose pictures i have liked or where i have updated something. As a matter of fact facebook has lost it´s value for me. Lately they have done many updates that are not good and make attacks on people privacy. The only update that keeps the privacy is the update where you can choose who can view your photos and who can see your profile updates. I am more than sure that in no time facebook will lose it´s first place in the Social network ranking. If they would like to do it quickly they should start charging money for using facebook. That would be the last and very fatal decision for our good old friend facebook.

I will keep using facebook as long as bigger part of my friends do it, but still I am now thinking very hard before posting anything there. But people, what are your opinions about the updates? Are they good or what should be changed? Feel free to read,comment and share my article.




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