How Do I Increase My Blog Traffic?

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re blogging for money or as a hobby; it’s nice to know that someone is interested in reading your blog. Increasing and maintaining your blog traffic takes work. Here are a few ways you can increase traffic to your blog.

Developing Loyal Readers: If you’ve been blogging for a while, you’ve probably got a few loyal readers that have been with you from day one. These are the readers that you want to maintain a relationship with and can also use to increase your traffic. Ask for their feedback on different topics that you’re writing about, or when you’re making substantial changes to your blog. This will make your readers feel important, and it also lets them know that you value their opinion. Conducting giveaways for product launches, blog anniversaries, or for referrals is an excellent way to show your readers that you appreciate them.

Social Media: Twitter and Facebook are the most well-known ways to increase traffic to your blog. There are also other sites such as Stumble Upon, Digg, and Google Buzz that will bring you traffic. Invest your time in learning how they work, and add the necessary tools to your blog to make it easier for your readers to share your work.

Blog networks & Forums: Participating in blog networks is another way of increasing traffic to your blog. The Networked Blogs Facebook Application allows you to connect with other bloggers with similar interests on both Facebook and your blog. There is also the community, a private forum, where bloggers can network. Many niche bloggers have also setup forums where followers can connect to discuss their products and trends in their industry.

Blog Bootcamps & Challenges: Experienced bloggers host blog bootcamps and challenges that help both veteran and new bloggers take their blogs to the next level. Usually these challenges focus on improving your blog design, learning to promote your blog through social media, and increasing your followers. Many of the bloggers that participate in these programs together become loyal followers of each other’s blogs.

Comment on Other Blogs: If you want to increase your blog traffic, you’ve got to get out there and network. Go comment on blogs that focus about similar interest. Most bloggers will return the favor by commenting on your blog, and becoming followers. The advice and expertise your share by commenting will also attract visitors from the blogs you comment on.

Guest Posting: Consider guest posting on other blogs. Sometimes fellow bloggers will advertise they are looking for someone to guest post for them, or you could simply ask a fellow blogger if they would consider allowing you to guest post. Guest posting will expose you to an entirely new group of potential followers that may later become your loyal readers.


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