The Health Benefits Of Owning a Nintendo Wii!

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Owning an Xbox, Xbox360, PS3 or any combination thereof is not beneficial to your personal well being in any way shape or form! You might be the best at Call of Duty 4, or Halo 3 but realistically what does that do for you on a daily basis? It forces you to sit on your bum, cramp your muscles, eat improperly, skip excercise and ignore regular sleep paterns. These are all very bad things for you! This is where the Wii steps in!

The Wii as always is a Nintendo innovation that will improve the gaming community, this time not so much the hardcore gamers as the population in general! Being one of the highest selling consoles in history is features such things as active movement in every game, less time spent in front of each game by encouraging mini-game concept discs. Most recently they have launched a game called Wii fit! This is a must have for any Wii owner. It far surpasses Wii sports and Wii games for physical activity as well as general enjoyment. You could do teh fitness test daily on Wii sports but truely it was not interesting as well as having nothing to do with your actual physical well being. The engine used in Wii fit gets your whole body moving and increases your coordination while burning calories and other forms of fat. Having 12+ different game types all using different real life skills also makes it more appealing to a varied audience.

The Wii also sports DDR games as does the Playstation series and the computer. Dance Dance Revolution was the innnovator in physical activity and video games. (If we don’t count the old super nintendo olympics pad.) This game encourages you to move your whole body for extended periods of time and variable amounts of activity, great for all ages and physical fitness levels I would highly recommend getting a Dance Dance Revolution or Step Mania game for your family to enjoy today!


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