Canon Legria Hfr26, Simple Yet Powerful

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WHEN is the need for greater digital documentation, whether it be video or photos. But at the same time consumers do not want a device that complicated and confusing. Perhaps for this reason that Canon launches new camcorder products, namely Legria HF R26.

Two main features of the Canon camcorders output Legria this latest series is the video quality of High-Definition (HD) and touch screen for the menu. HD video for its use 2MP Full HD CMOS sensor, allows users to get HD video and color quality even in poorly-lit atmosphere conditions.

The touch screen on this camcorder is a hi-resolution LCDs measuring 7.5 cm. As has been okezone try, the touch screen on the camcorder is quite soft to the touch, not too senstitif, a common problem that sometimes the touch screen to make users ‘excessive’ to navigate in the menu bar.

For a handy camcorder, the zoom picture quality is quite good, because it has a capacity of up to 28x, which makes objects farther away can be pretty well taken pictures.

This camcorder’s internal memory lasts approximately 70 minutes, but if users use an external memory can store up to over 3 hours. Because Legria HFR26 provides 8GB Dual Flash Memory, which is housed in two storage slots.

Until now classic problem often faced by users in using amateur video device is always unstable in taking a picture. To answer these problems then Legria HF R26 Dynamic features of the Electronic Image Stabilizer, so that users keep the video works fine, even when taking pictures while walking.

The quality of shooting in this camcorder is a bit rate of 24Mbps, so taking pictures with fast moving objects that can be captured well by this device.

Shooting in Legria HF R26 also uses Face Detection, so they can focus on the object’s face while doing the recording.

In addition, the camcorder Legria HF R26 is also supplemented by an HDMI cable, so users can play videos on an HDTV reproduction of their phonograms.

Although quite reliable for the class setingkatnya camcorder, unfortunately Legria HF R26 has no external light lamps, making it difficult to users in taking pictures at night.

Canon Legria HF R26 Specifications:

– Touch screen LCD hi-res 7.5 cm
– Zoom up to 28 times
– Picture quality 24 Mbps
– Cable HDMI
– Face Detection in shooting
– Dynamic Image Stabilizer
– 2MP Full HD CMOS sensor
– Additional Flash Memory 8GB (two storage slots)


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