Overcome Baldness Now!

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In the past you’ve probably poke your father because his head bald. Imagine him sitting in his recliner, reading the paper while you are standing right behind her. Then you had fun drawing on a smooth scalp with crayons or patted him like a bongo.

But one day, her mood was probably not good. So he turned and looked at you with sharp, saying, “You’ll just think that if this is not funny!”

It says it will begin to discover the truth when you were growing up. You may not bald now, but your hair started falling out. You will increasingly look old with thinning hair. Makes you look old and feel old. How long before there are children who begin to poke your baldness?

Loss is something that is not terhidarkan for a man, but there is always the best way to handle it. Change the focus of your mind that are often worried about thinning hair by taking appropriate steps to revitalize the crown of the head is held now.

Hair is made up of protein called keratin and tambuh in follicles in the skin. Roots of the hair, the only living part of the hair, grow and drive shaft out of the hair to the skin so comes the new hairs. Men lost 30 to 100 head hairs a day in a natural release process.

Hair loss in this amount is still within normal limits because men have at least 100 thousand hair covering the scalp. Loss would be a serious problem when you lose 200 hairs a day for months.

A number of factors can cause hair loss such as stress, illness atai infections of the scalp. But so far, the most common case is patterned baldness in men is influenced by genetic factors. If you are balding father, you have a strong tendency to experience the same thing.

The hormone testosterone is the root of the problem in the case of gene-influenced pattern baldness. In men who are genetically have a tendency to bald, chemical receptors in hair follicles convert testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. The hormone is what causes the follicles produce thinner hair and smooth, not thick or long enough to cover the scalp.

If the loss is overdo attack you, there are several options to consider. Transplant or hair transplant, hair lifts, sculp reduction, hair weave are several options that must be redeemed at a cost not less. The use wig can be an option, but usually not attracted many young men. Another alternative is treatment with drugs and this option is more taken because the costs are relatively cheap and easy.

Using the drug type monoksidil (Rogaine) was once popular among U.S. men in 1988 and was once touted as the eradication of the world’s first true baldness. However, this drug is only effective in men under age 30 who experience hair loss is less than five years.

Candidates are likely to succeed using this drug are those who have areas of baldness with a diameter of five centimeters or less. Monoksidil not able to restore the hairline, although in some cases these drugs slow the further depletion. Even among the successful candidates the best, only a third will experience optimal results. Forty percent can expect to get a hair thickening but still will have a field that is less overgrown hair.

Caring for hair
For those who do not or have not experienced severe hair loss, there are a few tips on caring for hair thickness in order to stay awake and healthy. Actually a lot of things to do with your hair, rather than just maintaining it.

– Choose the right hair stylist
Choosing a hair stylist or hair stylist that fits is important because then you will get the best for your hair. Hair pieces that fit will help you take care of hair, besides you look more attractive. Come to the barbershop every four or six weeks in order to maintain the hair style and protected from dryness. Your hair stylist will give you advice about hair care products and haircuts fit for you.

– Keep it clean
The scalp is usually more oily men than women. Therefore rajinlah use shampoo every day to keep the scalp clean and avoid dandruff. Choose a gentle shampoo with a low pH levels. Because the shampoo is too harsh it will make the scalp dry and fall off. Ask for recommendations from friends or your hair stylist and try some different products to find that fit.

– Men also need conditioner
Who says only women need conditioner. Men are often bask in the sun when the pool or the beach need to use a conditioner to prevent dryness of the hair. Excessive use does cause hair to become too soft and difficult to be formed. For men with oily scalp, use a little bit every week.

Treat it gently-
Avoid harsh treatment such as hair pulling or twisting as it will make the hair brittle. When drying hair, use a towel to gently without scratching the scalp. If you use the dryer (dryer), direct the flow of warm air downward from a distance of about six inches from your head.


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