5 Healthy Scalp Ritual

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Hair loss and dandruff problems stem from an unhealthy scalp. Recognize the causes of hair problems and proper way to care for the scalp. Then perform the rituals required for healthy hair and scalp is more manicured.

Many factors influence the occurrence of dandruff and excessive hair loss. Doctor Susie Wang, skin and hair experts say, the problem of dandruff and other scalp may occur due to genetic factors, hormonal, diet, lifestyle, and excessive activity.

There should also be understood, said Dr. Susi, scalp condition of women and men also differ. “Skin head women stronger than men. But the system in more female scalp disorders and problematic because of too much manipulation, or use a lot of care products that contain many chemicals. While the man, it’s easier because it tends to be more dandruff easy greasy. Men also have more active lifestyles and stress levels higher. As well as more men use a helmet that makes your scalp moist, “explains Dr. Susi at a media briefing with Clear at Social House, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta, Monday (5/16/2011) ago.

Well, if it is to understand the condition of the scalp, do the daily routine maintenance, such as the experts recommended the following.

Wash your hair every day
If you have identified the cause, perform the appropriate treatment for the scalp. Start with clean hair and scalp. We recommend that you wash your hair every day, Dr. Susi advice.

Avoid direct contact with sunlight
At the same event, Chairman of the Association of Cosmetic Scientists Indonesia, Dr. Hendra Wong added, avoiding direct contact with sunlight can also be a way of treating scalp. If forced to deal with the sun, then try using the headgear, he advised.

“Headgear should also be observed from the type of fabric, is easy to cause perspiration. Note also the length of the head covered by a headscarf,” added Dr. Hendra.

Eat fruits, vegetables, and adequate rest
Nutrition and adequate rest can also help maintain healthy scalp. “Expand to eat vegetables and fruits. This is the simplest treatment of the body. Rest or adequate sleep can also help maintain healthy scalp,” said Dr. Hendra.

Using the right hair care products
Michael Zimbalist, hair specialist added, the use of hair care products that can help correct the problem scalp.

“Many people do not understand how to use a conditioner, wax, hair spray is good. How to use the wrong hair care products actually damage the hair, so hair is no longer beautiful,” explains Michael.

In addition to pay attention to how to use the product for the hair, which must be considered also is the content of the product. “Look at the basic ingredients of shampoo, conditioner, even a hair dye, hair spray, does abortion harm our scalp. Especially for the sensitive scalp, you should consult your doctor before using a particular product,” explains Michael.

Diligently combing hair
The habit of combing your hair turns out to have many benefits. Michael advised to comb my hair more often because of this habit helps accelerate the blood circulation.

“Combing was not only to straighten hair, but also to accelerate blood circulation. So do not underestimate the combing of hair, especially men. If I believe the woman was told not too sure to always carry a comb,” he said.


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