11 Health Benefits For Java Acid

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amarind which is known as a spice in the kitchen, turned out to have benefits for the treatment bahyak. Pain and rancid odor at the time of menstruation, strep throat or diphtheria, dry cough, ulcers, low blood, thrush, vaginal discharge, and measles are some diseases that can be overcome by tamarind.

Acids derived from the African tree, commonly planted as a tree perindang, can reach a height of 25 meters. The leaves are equally finned and yellowish flowers. Rod-shaped fruit and seeds with a length of 3.5 to 20 cm and 2.5 cm thick. Leather outer shell and soft brown flesh of the fruit taste sour.

Flesh greenish-white to brown and after the elderly. The pulp is commonly used to acidify foods, made syrup, or clean metal items whose color changed to black. Old fruit flesh is sometimes processed (ditanak) for durability.

Because the color is blackish, commonly called acid kawak. The pulp contains a variety of acids, such as tatrat, malate, citrate, succinate, acetate. Acid is believed to facilitate bowel movement and blood circulation. The leaves contain flavonoids which are anti-inflammatory and pain relief.

Can Be a laxative According to Ir. Revelation Soeprapto, the herbalist from Malang, East Java, tamarind tree leaves are believed to reduce the heat in and also increase appetite. In addition, because it contains acid tatrat, tamarind is believed to be as a laxative for those who experience constipation.

“Because it into a gel to absorb water, tamarind can also be used to destroy the fat,” said Soeprapto.

Revelation also added, tamarind can be created as a warm beverage. According to him, as a variation, tamarind can also be combined with other traditional medicines like ginger, pace, or the other. “Importantly, look at your needs and measuring,” he said again.

Pulp acid is usually made of gelatin, syrup, or candied. Heavy wood core made into fine wood carvings and used materials. Seeds are baked or fried, so it can be eaten. The fruit is included in the list of traditional medicines that have been legalized.

Acid Potion Java 1. Ulcer kawak Acid (fruit acids cooked meat that has been processed and the color black instead of brown) as much as five grams, spinach leaf spines and leaf spinach each 10 grams, a little salt.

Leaf spinach and kale finely ground, mixed with acid and given a little salt. Glue on the boil until the entire surface is covered with all. When it is dry, replace it again with a new one. In this way, in a short time to mature and ruptured ulcer.

2. One cup sour Sprue young leaves washed, five-cm piece of thinly sliced ​​turmeric. Boil four cups of water until only half. So it feels rather good, when boiling add the palm sugar. Strain. Drink every morning and evening. Repeat for several days.

3. A. Menstrual Pain One handheld young leaves sour turmeric mixed with two fingers and half a glass of boiled water, then finely ground. Collision plus enough water then filtered and drunk. b. Kawak half sour thumb, 10 pieces of ginger, palm sugar to taste. The third material was boiled in one cup water, allow it to be halved. Drink every morning, do a row for a week before my period.

4. Abatement of high cholesterol Take 150-200 grams of tamarind leaves, finely crushed. Give a glass (220 ml) hot boiled water. Then strain and drink until they run out. Do it three times a day.

5. Acid Lowers fever baby kawak and turmeric each one thumb, young leaves of jasmine five pieces, two stalks scallions. After being washed, crushed all ingredients until smooth. Paste in the crown baby.

6. Fever after childbirth Acid kawak one finger, palm sugar to taste. Acid and palm sugar brewed with hot water in the glass. After a warm drink. Drink two glasses each one until a few days. 7. Acid hemorrhoid kawak one gram, and leaves nasty shard meniran each of six grams, three grams of ginger. Once cleaned, boiled with a liter of water, allow it to be halved. After a cold, drink three times a day.

8. Low Blood Acid kawak five grams, 250 grams spinach, 10 grams palm sugar, red onion 50 grams, 15 grams of chili, seven grams of salt. Spinach boiled, not too ripe. All other ingredients pounded together into sauce. Brown rice, spinach, and sauce is used as a lunch meal. Do it every day as a side dish.

9. Tamarind diphtheria, radishes, red onion, kencur each of five grams, 10 grams of papaya leaves. In addition to acids, all ingredients were ground water and then squeezed the water. Add sour. Brewed with hot water. Stir until evenly distributed. While still warm, use it to gargle. Do it three times a day.

10. Dysentery Acid kawak five grams, turmeric and ginger each 10 grams, a tablespoon of pure honey. Kawak acid, turmeric, and ginger pounded together, put one cup of hot water, wring it out, then strain. Pour the honey into the juice, stir well. Taken all at once in the morning.

11. Eczema handful Tamarind, tubers temu lawak one fruit, one piece of palm sugar. Bulbs ginger pounded, mixed with acid and sugar. Boil in two cups of water to the remaining half. Drink once a day. Do it every other day. @ Suharso Rahman


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