Do Not Just Use Shampoos

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Like the facial skin, your hair also needs regular maintenance. This treatment is necessary to prevent loss.

Eddy Karta, a specialist in skin and venereal Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM) Jakarta said hair treatment can be done either from outside or inside. Treatment can be done from the inside by eating nutritious foods that contain four of five perfectly healthy.

“Can you drink milk, because milk contains many proteins and minerals needed for healthy hair,” he said.

Santi Sadikin, consultant physician Beauty Clinic aesthetics of Esther House of Beauty added, care from outside can be done by maintaining the cleanliness of the scalp and hair.

Ideally, we wash it every two to three days. But that applies to normal hair. If your scalp is oily, Santi advise you to wash it every day with a shampoo that is safe to use every day.

Adjust character’s hair with this type of shampoo helps prevent hair loss. You see, if one beautiful hair shampoo is not obtained, but it can cause hair loss.

But, fear not. Are now widely available shampoo that is specially made for specific hair types. “The purpose of this shampoo gives special protection for certain hair types,” said Santi.

Santi recommend that you use a shampoo with higher levels of acid (ph balance) balance. Description ph balance can be found on the label shampoo we use.

In addition to the use of shampoo, conditioner usage also should not be excessive for the head stay healthy. Conditioner suitable for use by a person who has the characteristics of dry hair. You see, conditioners keep your hair moisture and reduce evaporation.

If you have oily hair characteristics, you are advised not to use conditioner. You see, the conditioner can actually make more oil, even create new problems such as dandruff to hair loss.

Many people assume hair cream bath and spa can overcome the loss. This assumption is completely untrue false aliases. “Both types of treatment should only be found on the hair that is not a problem,” said Santi.

Hair cream bath and spa uses massage techniques which are strong enough in the scalp. Well, the way this treatment could even pull out your hair to its roots.

If your hair is experiencing excessive hair loss, you should not only visit the salon, but bertandanglah to a hospital or clinic beauty. Therefore, treatment of hair loss is no longer just a question of beauty but healthy scalp and hair.

There are several therapies that can be used to treat hair loss problems. One of them is stressed hair therapy. This therapy focuses on massage on your back, fingertips, until the arm. The goal is blood circulation, around the head so the hair grow healthy.

In the head, usually, the therapist will only provide treatment cream and hair tonic. It aims to strengthen the hair roots.

But remember, hair loss may regrow hair as long as the seeds are still in the scalp. If the seed hair is gone, your hair will not grow back. In cases like this, “The way your hair looks thick back is by way of planting transplants or hair,” said Santi again.

That is, various hair beauty products like hair tonic or hair vitamin actually can only help nourish the hair roots making it stronger and not easily fall out. The products were not able to grow hair. (Sanny Cicilia Simbolon)


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