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Networking is a key element for the growth of any business.  As the internet has grown, networking has changed shape.  Technology has provided the tools required for making instant connections across the globe.  Networking functions have taken a back seat as online communities continue to grow and provide resources far beyond the reach of an occasional meeting.  Rather than constantly traveling, entrepreneurs can instead meet and build relationships with associates and potential partners from the comfort of their own office space.

Professional networking sites such as LinkedIn, have provided vast opportunities for professionals to build their careers and market themselves around the world.  Yet, LinkedIn and many of the big boy networks are targeted more towards career building and less towards providing the tools and resources for today’s entrepreneur.  So, where does the internet savvy entrepreneur turn to find what they need?


EFactor, or the Entrepreneur Factor, is a vibrant online networking community made up of hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and investors across a broad spectrum of industries in over 185 nations.  The focus of EFactor is to create a centralized location for entrepreneurs of varying experience to meet like-minded individuals, share tips and strategy all while increasing recognition of your brand. By utilizing EFactor, entrepreneurs are able to have an exchange of ideas with their fellow businessmen, receive incredible discounts on the tools they need, interact with potential business partners and clients, have access to potential customers and have funds for their starting business venture.  EFactor is a virtual marketplace for today’s entrepreneur.

EFactor and Social Networking Sites

The structure of social networking sites has changed drastically since the invent of such sites as Facebook.  The online networking industry has followed suit as many other industries today:  focusing on a targeted demographic of users that will be best served by a niche community where they can interact with those from the same market, rather than having to search for people that may be interested in what they have to offer.  These new niche sites bring people together that are looking for the exact same thing.  EFactor has taken this route, and provides the necessary services specifically targeted to entrepreneurs. By using this avenue, EFactor users are placed directly in front of the people that need them, rather than being lost amongst millions of others on generic sites such as Facebook or Linkedin.

EFactor and Its Background

EFactor is no doubt the world’s number 1 community when it comes to entrepreneurs only. Before its establishment by founders Marion Freijsen, Adrie Reinders and Roeland Reinders. Marion and co-authored and published a book entitled, “The N Factor: How Networking Can Change the Dynamics of Your Business in 2007.”  With it’s success, Marion, Adrie and Adrie’s son Roeland began brainstorming their next tome, “The ‘E’ Factor.”

While prepping for the book, Freijsen began building a social website allowing them to gather a bit of market research by asking entrepreneurs specific and detailed questions regarding their business.  As they continued to scour the internet for the information they needed, it became clear that these entrepreneurs had no central resource to support them, especially those entrepreneurs who were new to the world of business.

One year later, the trio launched the EFactor website, an online community that sought to fill the void they discovered by providing a place that was meant to benefit entrepreneurs. Since EFactor’s inception, it has become a best place online for entrepreneurs to share their experiences and support one another in the building their businesses. Since April 2009, EFactor has experienced massive growth, and to meet the demand, built their new headquarters in San Francisco, CA to accommodate staff. By January 2011, EFactor was able to engage close to one million entrepreneurs from over185 nations around the world. Most users are based within the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, India and Germany and has attracted investors and entrepreneurs alike across 90 industries.

Why Should an Entrepreneur Join EFactor?

EFactor has proven to be a successful tool for entrepreneurs, providing unlimited opportunities for business growth.  A few of the key benefits of EFactor include:

1.        Access to funding opportunities:  With the connections that can be made through networking on EFactor, members have access to thousands seeking investment opportunities with businesses like theirs.

2.       Knowledge growth:  By creating a membership with EFactor, entrepreneurs can interact with other business professionals just like themselves, who may have more insight into the industry.  By building relationships on EFactor, members have a wealth of experienced advice at their fingertips.

3.       Save money:  EFactor has partnered with vendors nation-wide to offer their members discounts on the items they need to succeed.  By signing up for the EFactor Perks card, members receive discounts on restaurants, shopping, and essential business services including health insurance.

4.       Revenue and businessngeneration:  By having access to hundreds of thousands of other entrepreneurs around the world, members have the change to create profitable business partnerships, or even get in connection with a potential client that is looking for just the services you offer!

Aside from these can’t miss benefits, EFactor also connects members with local, national and international seminars, conferences and networking events targeted to their specific industry.  Want access to a strong 401k plan, or affordable health insurance?  Upgrade to the Premium package for a minimal fee and get even steeper discounts on thousands of necessary items for businesses.

All of these services.  For free! EFactor is the perfect alternative to the generic social networking sites, where you can just get lost in the crowd.  Join the EFactor network today, and connect with people that are looking for YOU.


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