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Many people have a lot on their minds that they barely have enough hours in the day to get everything done. Whether busy with family, work or your own projects, it is important to get organized in order to get everything done.

Set a specific time for you to get organized. A perfect time is right before bedtime. Relax in bed with a notebook and pencil, and make two columns on one page. One column is for “Things that need to be done” and the second column is for “Things that you want to do.” List things in each column until you fill up the page.

Now, think about Time Management. Set up a schedule for all the tasks you wrote under “Things that need to be done.” Organize them from most important to least important. And, do the most important task when you wake up in the morning. Then, go down the list to do everything that needs to be done in the order of most important to least important.
If other people are with you, such as kids at home, relatives, or if you are at a business, assign tasks to each person depending on what they can do as well as their specific skills and interests. Make it seem like a fun project rather than work. Disguise the task for each person as something that they are interested in so that they can use their skills and talents and still get the job done right for you, in their own little special way. This is also called Psychology 101.
People skills are also very important as in Public Relations and Marketing 101. When telling others what to do, don’t treat them as subordinates, but rather as a team player who is the same level as you are, even though they are not.
Furthermore, create a game out of it, and make it into a competition. The first person to finish a task but also does a good job at that task, gets some kind of reward that they really want or would like. Also, add that the person who does the most tasks, and performs very well at each task, will score more points for a bigger reward or more rewards. This is called Incentives 101.

Occasionally, drop by on each person working for you and check up on them to see how they are coming along with their task when you finish the task you are working on. Are they having trouble? Slacking off? Ask them if they need any help or give them something easier that they can handle. If they are doing their job really well, better than expected, promote them to a more challenging job with more work and detail involved.

When everything on the “Things that need to be done” list is finished, check out the other list you made–the “Things that you want to do” list. The second list is more of a fun list that should be used as a reward that you finished doing all the things on the first list. Organize the second list from what you most want to do to what you least want to do, and at what time would be appropriate to do each task. This is a time to relax, read a good book or magazine, watch TV, take a bubble bath and listen to relaxing music; and maybe, during the next day or on the weekend, you can do the outdoor activities on the second list, such as going to a movie, mall, show, or some event. For instance, a good reward is going to a Spa all day in order to relax, or relax by the pool and jacuzzi all day.


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