Finding Out What to Write About (Easily And Quickly)

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If your first language is not English then I would simply recommend that you learn as much about the language as possible. How you do this is up to you but later I will also show you how you can assess your ability without cost and with great accuracy.

Assuming your first language is English then in this first lesson we will cover how to find out what to write about. Don’t start by writing an article and then looking for a buyer. This is completely the wrong way around. Find out what people want and then write about it. So how do you do this?

A good starting point is to find motivated buyers and assess for what kind of articles they are looking. Let’s do this today, right now.

Go to Digital Point Forums and start looking down the various threads. What you are looking for are threads that begin with WTB, which means “Want to Buy” – followed by details of what the thread creator is looking to buy in terms of content. This forum is a list of people who are looking for specific content and therefore they are a highly targeted audience to whom you can sell your articles. The forum title is “Content Creation” and this simply means that the posters are looking for someone to create original content for them.

Take your time and analyze the various WTB threads. You are looking for common themes and it’s likely you will find the most common are:

· Health Related

· Forex (Foreign Exchange)

· Computing – various topics

· Making Money

Try and find one a thread which is relatively recent and ideally where the originator wants more than one article. Look carefully at the price they will pay and you are likely to find that most are paying quite low amounts. Don’t worry too much about this for now, I’ll show you later how to increase your prices and get the correct amount for your writing. The objective of today’s lesson is to find a specific thread in which the originator is looking for several articles on a specific subject and has stated a price they want to pay.


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