Buy Articles – Do’s And Don’ts of Article Marketing

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Article Marketing has tremendous power for the promotion of any online business, but unfortunately few marketers fail to attain its full potential by doing some common mistakes. Here are some do’s and don’ts of article marketing which will certainly help marketers to ensure employing successful marketing campaign.

Dos of Article Marketing

  1. Do Your Research: You must know your target audience first. Identify their needs, their problems and search for the keywords which they might use to obtain online information they are interested to know. Also you must research and have complete knowledge about the subject matter of your article.

  1. Do Create an Informative Article: Write an article that is informative and entertaining to your reader. Your article should solve the problem of your customer and must drive their attention.

  1. Do Marketing, Not Advertising: Remember that article marketing is not advertising through which you push your product to the target audience. Article Marketing is in fact a demand pull strategy whereby you offer a solution to their problem and in turn create demand for your product.

  1. Do Focus on Both Your Customers and Publishers: Your article should drive interest of your customers as well as your publishers. Marketers sometimes fail to sell their article to publishers by over emphasizing on their company or product and compromise on the content quality.

  1. Do Employ SEO Optimized Tactics: Always use appropriate keywords, select proper title, ensure optimal keywords placement, develop links, and add a proper author resource box in your article to optimize viewership and website ranking.

Don’ts of Article Marketing

  1. Don’t Compromise on Content Quality: Poor quality content can take your traffic away from your site forever so never compromise on quality. Give authentic information and make your article problem solving for your customers to attain credibility

  1. Don’t Sell: Avoid producing a sales copy, as no one will publish articles that are not informative and looks like a sales letter.

  1. Don’t make Grammatical Mistakes: Always proof read your contents and check for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

  1. Don’t Write Very Big Articles: Keep it short, break it up into digestible sections of text and don’t overload it with bulk of information. Be precise and focused.

  1. Don’t Submit Articles on Irrelevant Directories: Always submit your articles to related and popular sites to generate masses of traffic. Never waste your time and efforts by submitting your articles to irrelevant sites and directories. It’s worthless.

  1. Hence after reading this chapter, article marketers can avoid some crucial mistakes and can increase the efficiency of their article marketing campaign.


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