God Consciousness For Christians

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God Is Always There
Becoming God Conscious

Before we begin Williamjordan has a disclaimer- if you do not believe do not take the time to read unless you are considering salvation. My writing is not meant to condemn non believers but to strengthen Christians that we may better represent Christ and to remind myself of how short I fall in my walk. May God bless all who read!!!

Consciousness as a Christian writer, Williamjordan walks a fine line because Christianity Is strayed so far away from the teaching of the Bible as taught by Jesus, the Apostles, Prophets, and the Church of Acts. As far back as the book of Genesis you will find a God who desires a deep and intimate relationship with man. Genesis gives us two examples of that desire: one he made man in his image, “So God Created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him male and female created he them.” (Genesis 1: 27). God, like any loving father, desired that his children favor him. Two: Children know when they’ve done wrong. Adam hid from God, and God called unto Adam and said unto him,”where art thou?” (Genesis, 3:9) Being spiritually blind and only seeing naturally, Adam answered with shame “I am naked”( spiritual separation). Adam had no idea of the weight of his answer; he had become spirituality blind and naturally naked which bought shame along with separation from God. In a moment his awareness of God had been blinded by three things Christians must always be on guard against; the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life. This is what Satan presented to Adam and Eve.

.Developing a mental and physical connection with God this might sound foreign or Eastern to many that read this, but it’s not ,it’s really an early Christian practice that we have gotten away from. Consciousness has been defined many different ways so we will look at a few to get a better understanding of how it should work in the life of a Christian. Moral feelings, expressions, qualities, values, standard of conduct and in concrete and practical terms, the way of life – all these aspects are common to human beings and form a vital part of our consciousness. Psychologist William James described consciousness as a stream which flows continuously, not as a succession of separate ideas or sensations. Consciousness plays a vital part in the way we handle life and for our belief so why not work on developing our consciousness as believers since belief is a major part of our conversion and our daily walk.

As believer’s, prayer should be a part of our daily lives already. What part does prayer play in consciousness? It’s communication with a God asking for guidance, protection, help and deliverance. For one to practice such communication he must believe God is capable of performing the requested action. “They that come to God must believe that he is, and [that]he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.” (Hebrews 11: 6) It’s been said that if prayer is talking to God, mediation is listening to God and if a relationship with God requires communication why wouldn’t listening be part of that communication? We have found listening to be a valuable part of human beings communicating with each other, so why not with God? How can we correctly respond to his request if we don’t listen to him.

When we speak of Consciousness it’s sort of like asking” what would Jesus do?” a slogan to remind believers how to live their everyday life with Jesus as their guide. Jesus often spoke of the Father as his guide saying things like “it’s the Father that does the work”,” did you not know I would be about my Father’s business,”” watch and pray could you not tarry one hour.” These and other remarks that Jesus made lets us know that he always considered the Father and he taught his followers to do the same. The scriptures teach that before Jesus began his ministry, that he fasted forty days and nights and then was tempted of Satan. Here is a perfect example of God consciousness because Jesus kept responding with the word of God, turn these stones into bread “Man does not live by bread alone but by the word of God”. Jesus was aware of God the father so must we be aware of the Father.

God awareness a state of being aware, knowing God is about awareness. Awareness is a necessary component in the life of a true believer one who serves God without doubt or fear but as a strong confident unwavering faithful follower . To be effective followers and servants of God, we should be willing to draw nearer unto him that we may effectively carry out his mission. The mission of carrying the message is of a renewed fellowship with God and man, and that God desires to fellowship with his children. God consciousness is an opportunity to do just that.

When we speak of God consciousness we are simply suggesting considering God by drawing nearer to him by opening up the channels of communication and developing a deeper spiritual contact. The word clearly says “That they that worship God must worship him and spirit and truth.”

“Meditation begins with a call that awakens us out of the comma of self-preoccupation. We are called, we are chosen, and mediation is our response to that call from the deepest center of our being to awaken our consciousness. By letting go in meditation, we learn how to love God.” Mediation for the Christian is not focusing on the cosmos or some strange object, it’s setting our mind and heart on the things of God and allowing the holy spirit to come in and draw us closer to Gods presence.

In closing we hope we have explained God consciousness in a way that believers can grasp and understand that we are not talking about mediation in the traditional way. We are talking about focusing on the word of God or praise and worship with all of our thoughts focused on the Father that we may be keener to his desires for us on earth and carry out the mission of kingdom business.

Today take an hour to get closer to God.


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