Why The Seven Deadly Sins Are So Deadly

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The study of life has been studied by many to better understand man. Men who have come away with answers to why mankind operates and live have come to the conclusion that there is a higher form of intelligence, or spirit, or force. The one most noted for this is William James, author of the book Varieties of the Religious Experience.

Modern man in his struggles to form a better race based on logic and the idea that man can think his way to a better life, have tried to separate man from religious terms and beliefs. As stated earlier, some at the end of their study, have walked away with the belief in a spiritual force that guides man to his destiny .For the purpose of this study, we will call this force God. And for the sake of continuing the effort to make mankind better we will look at sin from the point of seven principles that’s opposed to the principles we like to support.

As man, we promote Love, Perseverance, Faith, and Courage to name a few; but we try to ignore others such as the seven deadly sins which are actually perverted principles that destroy man at his core which relates to his spirit or his inner being that produces values. Since these values are contrary to the way man would like to be seen sometimes they are ignored until they have to be faced.

When Dr. Carl Jung was faced with men who found themselves caught in the vice that caused their lives to be ruined by these contrary principles, he talked to them about a form of moral psychology for which there was no practical application. But he explained that it seldom appeared and when it did it rearranged the lives of the men it encountered. When the men he explained this to embraced a higher power they got similar results over a period of time. The men embraced the principles that most people relate to their daily lives and were renewed; they returned to a better way of living; they were reborn.

Now we will talk about the seven deadly sins. Pride-being full of one’s self; never wrong, never needs or will ask for help; self sufficient. This type person finds himself all alone, and with no people in his life. Pride produces a cockiness which makes one unlovable and once a person receives no love, he forgets how to love. This type of death is called separation.

The next sin we will look at is called greed. I want it all; you cannot have any and you do not deserve any. This type of person will not or cannot share all is mine and mine is all. The drive to horde all they can get drives the greedy one insane because there’s always more so they never gain all there is to gain. This type of death is called spiritual suicide or mental death insanity.

Lust and an overwhelming desire to have what’s not yours for pleasure, but the one that lust has forgotten what pleasure is; he only has the overwhelming desire to have. Lust has always been related to sex but it actually crosses all lines of desire. The drive to obtain conquers this person and warps every desire to a state of perversion so the results of these persons’ acts are so repulsive that he creates hate in all that see the results of his twisted desire; so he destroys many. This death turns one into death while he kills others for pleasure both physically and mentality this is the twisted one because he destroys.

Anger- one who gets angry and can never let it go. He is a self destroyer; he has a self destruct button that once pushed, it never turns off. The anger eats his very soul and leaves him heartless. He is seldom happy and any who come in contact with him will lose their joy quickly. He is a destroyer of himself and many others, the destroyer of happiness.

Gluttony- the consumer who feeds on everything he can consumes and consumes; never productive always feeding. He wants to leave nothing for the other consumer; selfishness lies very deep in the core of this one. This killer destroys all desire and motivation steals the willingness to accomplish anything but wanting to consume all. Gluttony not only kills the soul it destroys the body and the mind of the sufferer.

Envy- one who hates everyone else for their accomplishments and always wanting what they have not earned. If it’s yours, I don’t want you to have it; jealously at its highest form. This type of jealousy eats away at the soul to the point of wanting to commit murder to keep another down or claim what another has.

Sloth- lazy; no good for nothing; never prepared for what life deals out; the one who does not even care that everyone knows he’s sorry. As the old folks would say, “Rotten to the bone,” unwilling to work for anything worthwhile beside lie around and do nothing. This is the one who will say he has faith but when he does not get what he needs, he never looks outside of himself for the problem his laziness has produced

This is simple the answer to the seven deadly sins they are deadly sins because they kill the spirit the internal drive to be fulfill. Since time begun man has fail to see the danger of separation with the creator and that his basic God given instincts that connect him to the creator separates him from the creator when they become perverse and exceed their natural order. One of the main problems is that when this happen man loses guidance and has to rely on self and; instincts that are warped. Once man is left to rely on such, sin rules or if you like he is dominated by evil or we could simply say he cannot distinguish between right and wrong.

When these sins are spotted and dealt with by simply learning to rely on God or if you like a higher power these instincts begin to govern themselves according to the spirit of the man who looks to a inner voice that says don’t do this pray for direction and when man pray for direction something awesome happens the same man full of hate learns to love first himself then others and ultimately God the seven deadly sins are replace with principles that changes the man and all who come and contact with him he becomes the image of the creator restored to his rightful place reborn.


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