Home Business Sales And Recruiting: Facts Tell, Stories Sell

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One of the first things I learned in my home business career.

Facts tell. Stories sell.

At first I didn’t like that phrase. It made me feel like I was trying to hide something. That I was manipulating the truth.

Then I realized that was more about my insecurity than anything else.

Facts make us feel safe. We can always go back to knowing how much Vitamin B 12 there is in this pill, or how much protein there is in this shake. We can always tell you how much you’ll save with this vacation plan.

Problem is, that information doesn’t stir the emotion in people. It might make us feel like we’re standing on solid ground. But it doesn’t shake up the person or people we’re dealing with.

It’s simple. Think back to what got you started in whatever company you’re in. Yes, you probably sat down, crunched numbers, did a careful analysis of the products, the marketing plan, etc. You probably had a talk with your significant other about whether or not this was the right thing.

But what brought you to the point where all those things happened was the EMOTION behind the stories. The testimonials. The results. The energy of the people who crossed the stage, or got on camera.

The tears of joy from that person who lost fifty pounds. Or who was able to throw away their asthma inhaler. Or who could afford to send their daughter to college. Or who finally got to take their family on vacation. Or who was able to get his wife a proper wedding ring after 20 years of marriage.

See? You’re instantly putting yourself into those situations. You’re imagination is going, and I’m not even prospecting you on a product or business opportunity!

It’s just who we are. Advertisers know this. It’s why they don’t recite all the facts about their products. They show you the emotion of the people using them. They’re showing you people with a problem, and how the product or service solved it.

Then they use the facts to validate it. But the facts aren’t the star of the show. The EMOTIONS are.

It’s OK to use emotion to promote what you do. Just as long as you tell the truth and stay in integrity.

Emotion is what drives us. Seeing people who have what we want and showing them how they can do the same thing is how we get most of the good things we have.

Respect the facts. They are your friend.

But if you want to share your business with others in a meaningful way, lead with the stories.


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