Yamaha Digital Home Theater System

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Yamaha digital home theater system is traveling distances and has come a long way from its inception as far as the popularity and market is considered. In this article, we would look at some of the digital home theater systems available with Yamaha and try to throw some light on its features and advantages. The following are some of the Yamaha digital theater systems:

1. RX-Z11:

Yamaha claims this digital product will set up new standards and benchmarks in the digital home theater system for other brands. It has a multi zone custom installation feature and has web browser control too. It combines the amp assign-ability, raw power and networking features. It looks very impressive at the first look and is intended to take the place of the central AV hub in every consumers home. Some of its basic features include 11.2 surround system, analog to HDMI 1080p upscaling, internet radio with mp3 support, network playback of music stored on PC or NAS drive, can function as an optional Music cast client, has an HD and XM radio with surround support, etc. It also has compressed music enhancer technology and YPAO with multi-point measurement. There are ten listening zones for the main zone and four for every additional zone. The silver color remote does not have many changes to its previous versions and looks similar to the ones used by the existing Yamaha digital home theater system users. The video scaling can be moved from one resolution very easily through HDMI and HD signals, for the first time, in this digital home theater models.

2. RX-V2065:

This system is known for its accurate audio reproduction with the help of ultra low jitter PLL circuitry. It has got very easy to use GUI and network functions. There are basically five HDMI inputs and two HDMI outputs. There is also an Ethernet networking support and an amplifier which can supply one thirty watts to seven channels. It also has a phono input, a port for the third-party remote control, a trigger of 12 volts, eight channel analog inputs and outputs. The onboard video signal process or is missing which is always expected of a home theater system. The weight of the product has also gone down making us curious as to what could be the reason for that. Yamaha digital home theater models are always known for their bulkiness and this sudden weight loss program is a bit surprising. The GUI is not that great when one compares it with a PC or Mac but it cannot be avoided when one wants to listen to the radio. Because only through the GUI, one would be able to browse the different stations on the radio. Yamaha with its radio service has shown some bias and it does not include Last FM, Pandora, Slacker in its GUI. The front panel is pretty much similar to Yamaha’s previous models and the most noticeable omission though is the USB port which is a bit surprising.


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