How To Get White Teeth.

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       Because a smile involves white teeth, maybe you have never been tempted to ask about whitening teeth treatments available to you. There are several different techniques to obtain a whiter smile.

      The techniques of teeth whitening, also known as tooth whitening, may be internal or external. External bleaching is the most common and involves applying a product containing hydrogen peroxide on the tooth surface. Internal bleaching is used on teeth decayed.

     The best known teeth whitening products  are undoubtedly toothpastes and the whitening gums. These products are unfortunately not very effective most of the time. They can revive the brilliance of the teeth, but their concentration in  hydrogen peroxide is too low and the exposure time is too short to achieve real results. However, using a whitening toothpaste can not obviously affect your dental health, especially if it contains fluoride that helps strengthen the enamel of your teeth.

     Other well known products are available at the counter whitening strips, or whitening gels that are applied with a brush. The whitening strips are flexible bands that must be applied on teeth for a few minutes each day, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. They are impregnated with whitening gel containing hydrogen peroxide to the teeth they transmit to clarify them gradually.

     Gutters  can be got at the dentist and used at home work with the same principle. The dentist takes impression of your teeth to make a plastic splint fitted to your jaw. Before going to bed, you should apply a whitening gel made of hydrogen peroxide inside the gutters, and put them on your teeth overnight and remove them when you wake up. Such gutters may also be used in one or two sessions with the dentist. In this case, the whitening gel will be amplified using a special light to achieve greater results, faster.

     In the case of a dead tooth, that is to say, the pulp and the nerve were removed, it is necessary to use a technique of internal bleaching. Devitalized teeth tend to take a darker color that comes from within. It must then inject bleach inside the tooth and let sit a while. This treatment can be repeated as necessary, until the desired clarification.

     Tooth whitening is not usually painful, but it may happen that tooth sensitivity to hot and cold is greatly increased during treatment. It is important to know that there are some contraindications to whitening teeth. Pregnant or nursing women should abstain, and that people with large cavities or gum disease sufferers.


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