Review of the Norpro Pasta Machine

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The Norpro pasta machine has cutters for three different types of pasta: Lasaugna, Fettucine, and Tagliolini. Of course, if you’re creative, you can use it for other things too, like Tortellini.

To use the machine, you began by attaching it to the table with the clamp that is provided. Then, you insert the handle into the roller hole. Before using it for the first time, you should clean it with a dry cloth. And, to clean the rollers, the instruction manual tells you to run a small piece of dough through them and then throw the dough away.

The instruction manual comes with a great recipe for pasta dough. The recipe is very specific, telling you what to add for “al dente” pasta and how to tell when the dough is ready to be rolled through the machine. This recipe makes enough to serve six people.

The machine has three different settings for the regulator that allows you to achieve the preferred thickness for the dough. The instruction manual contains very helpful advice on how many times you should pass the dough through each setting to get it as thick or as thin as you like.

Once you have gotten the dough the correct thickness, you should cut it crossways into pieces with a knife. The instruction book recommends that you cut each piece to be roughly 10” in length.

When you’ve cut the dough into pieces, you can then insert the handle into the hole for the cutting rollers, choosing which pasta you prefer to make.

You should never clean the Norpro pasta machine with water. Instead, you should use a brush or a wooden rod. To clean the cutting attachment, lift it up and slide it along its tracks.


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