How to Clean a Car

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The first step to cleaning a car is to clean up the exterior of a car. Many stores sell cleaning products that all do about the same job so don’t feel like buying the more expensive product will make your car a lot more clean compared to a cheaper products. Pour some of this solution into a bucket and add water. Spray your car down with a hose then use some sort of cloth to wipe down your car (make sure to use plenty of elbow grease). Do one side of a car at a time and wash it out so there is no soap marks.


Once the body of your car is clean, take a brush and tire cleaner and scrub the tires with as much pressure as you can. You can also clean your rims with special products that will really make them shine. (Make sure to not get tire cleaner on the paint of your car).


Once the exterior of your car is clean. It is now time to clean the interior. Take any trash or things that don’t belong in your car out. Wipe down the dash and other parts of the interior with a special kind of wipe such as arm and hammer. After this, use a shop vac to clean up any sand or particles that have collect on the floor or in cup holders and crevices.

Once the interior of the car is clean. Take a windshield cleaner and some newspaper. Spray down the inside and outside of the windshield with the windshield cleaner. Wipe it off with the newspaper and make sure to clean any smudges you can visibly see.


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