How to Sign up for Google Adsense

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You’ve just created your blog or website and are attracting visitors on a regular basis. However you feel like you could be getting more out of your site. This is where google adsense comes in.


Google adsense is basically a program offered by google to allow you to paste a code into your websites html that displays ads. When someone clicks these ads, google makes money and you make money. Although it is not much for each click, it really adds up and there are many success stories of people making thousands of dollars through the google adsense program.


The first step is going to google and creating a google account. This google account can be used on many sites including youtube,, and many more.


Once you have your account set up, go to and look for adsense. Choose to sign up and follow the easy directions. (You will need some simple information like address and social security number).


Once adsense is set up, wait a week or two for google to check things out and make sure they want to include you in their program. (Usually, everyone gets accepted). You will get an email confirmation and google will give you a small bit of a code to add to the html of your website or blog.

If using, you are able to add this code simply by going to your blog and clicking edit and choosing “google adsense” at the bottom of your page layout. will automatically add the code to your blog for your account.


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