How to transfer music to your iPod

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The first step in transferring music to your iPod is to have iTunes installed on your computer. A free version of iTunes can be downloaded from apples website.


Once installed, connect your iPodmag-glass_10x10.gif to your computer using your usb cable that came with your iPod. If you don’t have this cable, it can be bought at almost every major electronics store.


Drag any music that you have on your computer into the iTunesmag-glass_10x10.gif music folder. Its as easy as drag and drop. If you have any CD’s that you want to put in iTunes, insert your CD’s and drag and drop the songs into iTunes. (Sometimes the files will have to be altered in order to work with iTunes, iTunes however does this by itself most of the time).

Once you are ready to sync your iPod, go to file> sync iPod and let iTunes do the rest. Once it says it is now safe to disconnect, click on the disconnect button in iTunes next to your iPod label and remove your iPod. You now have all the music in iTunes on your iPod.


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