How to Clean up a Computer

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Cleaning up a computer has many aspects to it. The first is getting rid of old things you don’t need. If you own a version of windows, go to my computer>add or remove programs and remove any unnecessary programs that you do not use anymore.


The next step to cleaning up a computer is to go through your documents and deleting any kinds of files that you do not need anymore such as word documents, pictures, etc.


After these unnecessary files are deleted, go to your desktop and remove any icons that you do not use anymore. Rearrange and reorganize these icons in a fitting way for you.


This next step involves getting on the internet or going to an electronics store and buying a software that will clean out unneeded files for you such as cache, internet files, fragments, etc. One of the most highly respected programs out there is “ccleaner”. A free download is available online. Go through the instructions and get rid of old files and clean out your registry.

Your computer is now clean. Use ccleaner or whatever program you downloaded and installed atleast once a week to keep your computer organized and at peak running shape.


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