What is a Keyword?

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Keywords are so important when you are writing, and publishing on the internet. Why are keywords so important? Using good keywords in your web page, or articles will determine how you are ranked on search engines. By using the best keywords, you increase the chances of your website, or articles being viewed.

The google keyword tool is a good place to find the best keywords for your website or articles. By using the google keyword tool you will have a better understanding of what keywords to use. You can find the google keyword tool at Google Adwords

https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal. Enter the website address, or keyword you are interested in searching. Click on, get keyword ideas, and the results for the best keywords will appear.

Using the best keywords with the most popularity. Give you a great chance of having your website or articles appear in a search. This way customers, or you reading audience will find your content. Without good keywords you will be lost in cyber space. Not using the best keywords for your website, or articles will mean no customers. No customers equal no money. You get my drift.

Good keywords will determine how successful your website, or articles will be.



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