Can I Sell My Car | Things to Keep in Mind While Answering This Question

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“Can I sell my car?” Almost every car owner raises this question at some point of time. The answer to this question, i.e. “Can I sell my car?” can’t be same for everyone and will differ from person to person. For some the answer will be yes, in some cases it will be no and in others, it can be ‘wait for the right time’.

No one can give you the perfect answer to this tough question of “Can I sell my Car?” all they can give are some suggestions with final decision being only yours. But, you have to keep in view few most important parameters in mind while trying find the answer of “Can I sell my car?”. The first and the most important factor is the condition of the car. The condition of car can vary from excellent, good to bad and worse. These conditions can be reported by judging the performance of the car that includes how well is the ignition, how good are the shockers, engine and other parts of the car. Another important parameter for finding the answer to “Can I sell my car? “is the ‘mileage’ or ‘fuel efficiency’ of the car. Few older cars are highly inefficient when it comes to fuel. In these cases, saving money and continuing with the same old car can have boomerang effect on your financial plans as extra fuel costs can be more expensive than a new car in long run and answering to “Can I sell my car?” on a positive note will be a wise decision.

In financial world, we have a jargon called the product life cycle. If you have a bought a car today, then its resale value declines at a steady rate. One should sell the old car before its resale value becomes insignificant and then invest the money obtained in buying a new car. So, in this case the smart answer to “can I sell my car?” would be to sell the car just before it loses the significant resale value. There are other parameters also, like if you have more than one car and you are not using the other car, then rather than paying the money for parking space, you can sell the car. So the answer to “Can I sell my car?” varies a lot depending on various conditions but one should take a wise decision keeping an eye on finances, condition of vehicle, need and the resale value. So next time whenever the question “Can I sell my car?” rises in your mind, give a wise and reasonable answer.


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