Rid-Off Experience at The Kia Dealership

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Trade In Your Kia at the Kia Dealership = Disposal Your Car

Cars do get old and maybe one day it is the time to trade in your old car as a down payment for a new old, and I believe that is the smart way for the most people.  However, I was experienced a bad trade in with my 2002 KiaSedona.

Rid Off Experience Started from the Services Department

It was all happened at the one day after I took my Sedona to the Service Department at the Kia Dealership, they told me that I need to pay for $600 for spark plug and also $3400 for a whatever because the car’s airbag light was on.  After summed up the cost for repairing the car,  we thought that it is not worth it to pay $4000 to fix a car that would probably worth $3000, then we asked if anyone there at the dealership could help us to trade in the old car as a down payment for a new one.

Your Car Worth $0 According to Our Appraisal

After we talked to the salesman in the dealership, he suggests that his manger will do a appraisal for our 2002 Sedona.  A few minutes later, he came back and tell us that our Sedona does not worth a dime because they need to deduct the repair cost from the car’s appraisal value, which will be $0.  Then he told us that they will disposal our car and suggest us to pick one new car we desire to move on.

What Our Car Really Worth?

After the manger told us the “Truth”, we immediate decided that they will lose my business for sure.  I requested they release my car but they told us that their services department has been closed so they can’t release my car until the next morning.  A few minutes later, the salesman told us a “Secret” saying my car could be worth $100 if we have buy a new car today.

Finally, I picked up my car from their Services Department the next morning and bring the car to CarMax for appraisal and they said they will pay me $3000 and let me decide if I want to sell it or not in seven days.


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