The City of Angels; a Christian Perspective on The Term …

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Los Angeles is known as the “City of Angels”. But what does that really mean? Angeles is the Spanish word for Angels. An angel can be many things. The meaning does not necessarily have to be spiritual.

In fact, one meaning of the word angel, is messenger. Another is “an attendant spirit or guardian”. We all know that Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the World. The term “City of Angels”, is both literal, for why it was initially coined, and prophetic. As a media capital for the television and movie industries Los Angeles has indeed become a “city of messengers”. Those messengers, act as attendant spirits whenever you just have to watch a television show or movie and are unsure of what to do with yourself when you miss them. Television and Cinema, are comforting mediums, and we all know that angels are often sent to us as believers to comfort us.

Angels are often considered to be superior to humans in power and intelligence. All of these definitions I took from the Merriam-Webster dictionary. The entertainment industry is a huge, rich, entity that has studied us for years, at least 100. Chances are they know what you want to watch before you even know for yourself. The city of Los Angeles itself, in some ways Hollywood, or Tinseltown, may be superior to you in power and intelligence if you have moved there for a job, are just trying to find your way around, or are in awe and enamoured, and have your lifestyle caught up in the industry.

Personally, I think you can almost look at the city itself as an archangel, a chief in command, and those in the industry; writers, actors, producers, directors, bloggers, everyone that is “sent out” to spread that message, almost evangelize the industry, as the actual angels that the term “City of Angels” refers to.

Where does that leave Christian artists at? Is one reason that Christian filmmakers find such difficulty in distributing and producing a piece of work on par with what Hollywood delivers because of what it is up against spiritually? Do we look at this as the spiritual warfare that it is, or do we simply tell our story in the most creative way possible? A different approach may be in order; we may be up against the same issues that underground music artists and other genre of entertainment that is shut out of the mainstream are dealing with. This means that more creativity, and unique marketing approaches, are necessary. I was really surprised that Soul Surfer did as well as it did; it was produced on $18 million but has brought in $44 million, which is impressive. On the other hand, traditional films that just happen to be about events in the Bible, which are not necessarily Christian films (or historically accurate), such as the Passion of the Christ, still bring in profits of as much as 20 fold.

We need to use discernment when it comes to our entertainment choices. We think that we can just go to Church and put money in the offering plate on Sunday, attend Bible Study on Wednesday, and then just go on about our business as though there are not any angels or demonic forces that come against us throughout the week. Entertainment is spiritual warfare, and we can easily become pawns in a larger game. It may be that learning about angels and how they are described in God’s Word is the first step to learning about what spirits you find yourself at the mercy of.


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