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Feeling the pinch at the pump? Gas prices are out of control and cheap gas is not so cheap. Here are a few hints I found to help you get the most gas for your money. No matter where you get it.


gas20pricessmall1_Thumb.jpg *GET YOUR GAS IN THE MORNING* all gas stations keep their gas in big tanks in the ground to keep as cool as possible. the colder they can keep the gas the more dense it is, as it warms up the gas expands. Gas stations don’t compensate for temperature at the pump, they probably figure you don’t even consider the density of your gas. So if you buy when it’s warm your gallon is probably not an actual gallon.

 untitled_Thumb.jpg *PUMP SLOW* have you ever noticed that the handle on the pump has a notch to set the pump speed at high, medium or low? If you didn’t know, now you do. Set it at the slow speed to minimize the vapors that are created when pumping, otherwise some of the gas that goes into your tank is actually vapor. Gas pumps have what they call a vapor return, that suck the vapors back up out of your tank and back into the stations storage tanks. Thus, less gas for your money.

pictures20286_Thumb.jpg *FILL UP AT HALF TANK* The more gas you have in your tank the less air thats in your tank. Gas evaporates super quick, which is why station storage tanks have a floating roof in them to minimize evaporation. So more gas and less air, means less gas will be able to evaporate.

*DON’T GET GAS WHEN THE GAS TRUCK IS FILLING THE STATION TANKS* This stirs up the dirt and stuff at the bottom and pumps it into your tank with the gas. Not only is that bad for your wallet it’s also bad for your car.


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