How To Groom Your Cat At Home

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Whenever you choose to groom your cat at home, you should make sure that both of you can enjoy the experience.  This means that you should begin whenever your cat is real young.  The process will then get easier as long as you don’t have a skittish cat.

Here are the steps you should follow whenever grooming your cat:
1.Brush your cat.  For short haired cats you will need to make short, gentle strokes with a rubber or bristle brush.  For long haired cats you will need to make long, vertical, lifting strokes with a bristle, pin or rubber brush.  Regardless, you still need to be gentle and remove any hair as you proceed.
2.Wash your cat.  This doesn’t need to be done very often but when you do bathe your cat, you should put 4 inches of luke-warm water in your bathtub and a gentle pet shampoo.  Make sure to rinse all of the soap out thoroughly and hand dry your cat with a towel.
3.Trim your cat’s nails with sharp pet nail clippers.  You will want to hold these in 1 hand and your cat in your other.  Gently press down on both the top and the bottom of his paw and clip his nails while avoiding the pink vein.

Once your cat has been completely groomed, you will want to run your hand over him one more time to make sure that you have removed any loose hair.  Your cat will then thank you because he won’t have to suffer from any more hair balls.


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