How to Know Your Rights When Dealing With Harassing Debt Collectors

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With the economy on the down turn, there are lots of people facing financial hardships. Having accounts in collections is a humbling and horrifying experience. The collection calls can seem way out of hand. Give yourself a little peace of mind by knowing your rights. Collectors don’t have free run to do whatever they feel they need to, to collect a debt. By collectors breaking the law & violating your rights, you may be able to get your debt completely wiped clean.

BookCover_Thumb.jpg *EDUCATE YOURSELF* There is a set of laws called The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), get to know these. These are the laws that collectors MUST abide by. If they don’t you have every right to sue and there are lawyers willing to help. I have links to informational websites.

abcollect_Thumb.jpg If a collector happens to break a law, call them on it. Don’t let them harrass you or push you around, be firm. angryphone_Thumb.jpg If they say that your wrong about the law, it may just be a ploy to avoid a lawsuit. Stick to your guns and be properly educated about your rights.



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