Red Cross Donation | The Process to Make a Red Cross Donation of Your Used Vehicle

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Through a Red Cross donation you will be able to help someone in need and also further the cause of several social projects supported by Red Cross. The process of making a Red Cross donation is really simple and there is plenty of information online as well, about making a Red Cross donation. If you have a used vehicle, you can make a Red Cross donation and in turn, benefit from it through tax deductions given by IRS for making the charitable contribution.

You can make Red Cross donation of any kind of vehicle whether it is cars, trucks, SUVs, RV, trailers, tractors or speedboats, as long as they are in a decent condition and would not cause a loss to the organization. In order to make a Red Cross donation you have to find out about the nearest Red Cross donation center that accepts vehicles. This may or may not be close to the place you live in. You can register online at the site to make a Red Cross donation and provide details about your vehicle. At this juncture, you can also request for free pickup service for making Red Cross donation. If your vehicle is not in a drivable condition then you will have to request for free towing service at the time of registering for the Red Cross vehicle donation.

Once you register for the Red Cross donation and request for free pickup or towing service, a towing or pickup agent hired by Red Cross will contact you and fix up an appointment at a time convenient for you. In order to make Red Cross donation you need to have the certificate of title for the vehicle with you as that will be required for transfer of ownership.

Those who are making a Red Cross donation should remember to cancel the liability insurance for the vehicle prior to handing over the keys. Before making Red Cross donation it will also help if you can get the car washed and repaired as that will save money for the organization. This is only voluntary and not something that is enforced for Red Cross donation. When you make a Red Cross donation you will receive a written acknowledgement depending on whether your vehicle is valued at more than or less than $500. You need to submit this acknowledgement at the time of filing for tax deductions for making Red Cross donation


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