Jokes Make People Live Longer1

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Jokes are an easy way to make people laugh and make merry. Jokes lighten situations and people’s hearts. People who put on a smiling face and make acceptable jokes are often liked by all. You would always see a small crowd around people who joke. There are people who carry tonnes of jokes and let an appropriate one out matching a given situation.

Most illnesses of human body are caused due to worries and anxieties. On the other hand, several researches have revealed that laughter and cheerful temperament quicken healing process besides helping to prevent many illnesses. In addition, cheerful people are so confident and optimistic about life while people with sad temperament live a melancholic life in a depressed state often exhibiting a pessimistic attitude towards life. Psychologists accept that jokes make people feel lighter and relaxed making them forget their worries and anxieties.

Gifted are those who have friendly fellow workers who share jokes and keep them merry. An Israeli research states that this will mean long life to such people. Everyone will admit that getting long life is not that easy. Cheerful friends help relieve the stress due to strenuous office work. Yet another psychological research conducted at Tel Aviv University stresses that it is very essential to have cheerful friends at work place to keep healthy and live longer.

A research involving 820 employees engaged in manual jobs has revealed that the longevity is propelled by having friendly colleagues at work place. The research spanned over twenty years during when 53 people of the group died. Workers who maintained a relationship with their colleagueswere found to enjoy a higher life expectancy than others who had frequent frictions and melacholic attitude.

The authors of the research stated, “How well a participant is socially integrated in his or her employment context, is a potent predictor of the risk of all causes of mortality.” People were seen revel under excess work pressure if they did not have good peers who could share some jokes and relax their minds. While men occupying authority and power at work were found to live longer.

It was also found that women who went for jobs and enjoyed cheerful company lived longer than those who were confined to homes where they did not have relaxing company. Therefore, by joking you can always be assured of helping others live longer.


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