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The print on canvas and how it travelled around the world is something really special to talk about. There are lots of famous places and city scape that treasures the brilliant work of a canvas print but before I can let you in on the story lets cover what a canvas print is.

So basically a canvas print or canvas prints is an image that is printed onto inkjet canvas with an inkjet printing using lightfast inks, lightfast means that it would not fade for a very long time, I know I thought it would be the opposite but being lightfast is a good thing. So once the image is printed onto canvas using a program like Photoshop you then need stretcher bar frames to stretch the canvas over, stretcher bar frames are used because they are not only used to look good but the purpose of them is that they come is different sizes and can slot together which makes the frame shape and then one side has the bevelled edges on so the canvas has room to breathe. Once stretched and stapled the canvas is taped at the back and also has a hanging tap fixed to the back and that sums up the canvas print in the making. All there left to do is hang in the right place on your living room wall, or any wall for that matter.

Ok so now you know what a canvas print really is and its purpose, the canvas print has been around for some time now and the best place to actually see one wouldn’t be to hard as they have become so popular now days a I wouldn’t be surprised if someone in your street has one or two or even you next door neighbour. In most art galleries they of course have the original painting but if i owned an art gallery then for my own security I would show canvas prints of the original and then when a sale is made then I would then give the painting to the client as you never know really what some people can do these days, most art lover obviously respect art allot and would never even dream about doing anything but having some canvas printing done of your most prised paintings is always an option.

Most artwork that is printed on canvas is called contemporary canvas art and is sold on the web and in shops everywhere.  There really is a Hugh range of art and photo canvas opportunities to be had over the internet and especially if you look on the search engine Google. The reason is say that Google is the best way to search for a canvas print is because Google seems to be allot more well known that other search engine and i think that would be because its allot easier to use and when you search for canvas prints or if you’re searching to have some canvas printing done of your favourite photos Google seems to give you more results and options of choice which is really handy if you’re looking to purchase a canvas for a good price but still get the quality you always wanted.


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