9 Simple Ways to Get Free Traffic to Your Blog or Website

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Getting traffic to your website is perhaps the most important thing you can do to increase your chances of making it online. The more traffic you get, the easier it will be to become successful. If you want to increase the amount of free traffic you get to your sites every day, start applying these simple, yet extremely effective, traffic boasting strategies.

1. Publish Unique Content – This is quite easily the best thing you can do for your business. All of the major search engines gobble original content up like a kid eating candy at Halloween. As you publish fresh content on your sites, you begin to obtain higher and higher levels of authority. The more authority you have, the more traffic you will receive.

If you cannot stomach the thought of writing even one article, there are a number of places online from which you can buy original content. Fiverr.com is a great place to start.

2. Publish Controversial Content – People love to have an opinion; one way or another. If you were to publish an article based on a controversial topic, you can rest assured knowing that you will receive a number of unique views, and hopefully comments, from people on both sides of the fence.

Furthermore, since just about everyone on the planet has a blog, you may even get a few backlinks to your original article.

3. Publish an Article on Someone Else’s Blog – Savvy webmasters know that Google, and the other search engines, love new, fresh and original content. Chances are if you offered them exclusive content for one of their sites, they would jump at the chance to publish your article. You will, of course, want to write a compelling resource box linking back to your site.

You would be amazed at just how much free traffic this can generate for you!

4. Publish a Top 100 (or Top 10) List – It is amazing how much attention a well-written, ‘Top 10’ list can garner. Even competing sites will often link back to these types of articles simply because they provide a massive amount of value to their own readers. Additionally, normal readers are much more inclined to link to, and social bookmark, Top 10-type articles.

Tip: If you have a site in the personal finance niche, create a list of the top one hundred personal finance blogs with a brief description of the type of topics they write about. Many times, the sites that are mentioned in your article will either link to it or mention it. In both of these circumstances, your site will receive a ton of new traffic.

5. Give Away Something of Value for FREE – Readers love free stuff almost as much as they love lists. If you were to create a short report that discussed a common issue in your niche, and then gave it away to your readers for free, you would virtually have people tripping over themselves to see what else you have to offer.

Tip: Create the freebie as a PDF file and then allow people to give it away for free as long as they do not change anything. Don’t forget to sprinkle this report with links to other valuable resources you have to offer.

6. Become an Active Member of an Online Forum – Just about every niche has at least one major online forum. Join one of these forums and then start actively participating whenever you get the chance. Do not simply post replies such as “Great Idea’, or anything else as trivial and meaningless. Instead, strive to help others solve whatever issue it is that concerns them.

Tip: Most forums allow their members to put links in the signature file of their profiles. Since these signatures show up on every single post that you make, you can easily attract a ton of free traffic to your blog if you play your cards right. The key is to position yourself as a trusted resource, not a nuisance.

7. Create a Facebook Page – Regardless of what you may have heard, everyone is using Facebook. What started out as a cool place to chat with friends about last night’s ‘adventure’ has evolved to a place where even grandmothers talk about their favorite receipts. If you want real traffic, and the authority that comes with it, you need to create a Fan Page for your business.

Fan pages can be as simple, or as complex, as you want. If you do not know how to create one you can find someone to create one for you for as little as $5. Once your page is up and running, tell your friends about it and tell them to pass it along; if they like it, that is. Having a page that is ‘liked’ a bunch will definitely send a lot of visitors to your site!

8. Create a Web 2.0 Page – For some reason, many people forget about the power of web 2.0 properties. Sites such as Squidoo, Hubpages, Infobarrel, and Wizzley attract an extremely loyal following.

These free mini-sites are easily to create and can be created on virtually any topic. Additionally, as most of these sites allow you to post videos and images, and well as written content, the possibilities for cross-promotion is almost unlimited.

Tip: Be active on whatever platform you choose. Each web 2.0 site has a different way of tracking their more popular users. Get a Giant Squid, for example, to notice your lens and you can easily leverage a bit of their reputation and influence.

9. Create a Related Blog – An easy, yet vastly underrated, way of getting free traffic to your ‘money sites’ is to simply start a blog. There are a number of massively successful online marketers that have achieved more success from their blogs than they ever could have without. People want to get to know all about you. Your success is their success. They desperately want to be part of ‘the clan’.

Tip: Despite the popularity of the statement ‘fake it until you make it’, this is never a good idea. People are not stupid and once they discover that they have been lied to or tricked, you will never get them back.

Sending targeted traffic to your website should be the primary focus of any savvy webmaster. Without it, your site is destined to die a slow and painful death. These 9 traffic methods are simple to implement and can result in a massive flood of traffic to your website or blog.

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