How to Landscape the Yard of Your Dreams

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Whether your re-doing your existing landscape or starting with a clean slate, making sure your landscape project ends up being everything you hoped for can be a difficult thing to do. Here are a few steps to get you started on a good foot towards a landscape that lives up to your expectations.


Design & Installation by Rhodes Landscape Design  

 *FIGURE OUT WHAT YOU WANT OUT OF YOUR YARD* defining what you want is the first step to a successful landscape plan.

Do you need a yard for a big family that’s really into sports? Do you have dogs that think flower beds are the perfect napping area? Do you have a black thumb and have a hard time keeping any plants besides weeds alive? Maybe your family spends lots of time outside and an outdoor living area would be ideal? What’s your style, would you rather have an English garden or a Japanese garden? Boulders or river rock?

These are the kinds of questions you need to consider when planning a yard that fits your needs and style.    

  41bishop_Thumb.jpg Design & Installation by Rhodes Landscape Design

  *BUDGET* you can make all the plans in the world but if you don’t have the budget to support it chances are you’re going to be disappointed with what you can’t have.

So now that you know what you want out of your yard and what would suit your lifestyle; it’s time to figure out what you can afford, or, are willing to spend.

  14georgefall_Thumb.jpg Waterfall by Rhodes Landscape Design

*WHO’S GOING TO DESIGN IT* this is no task for an amateur. Your landscape is an investment and it’s a wise decision to seek the knowledge of a professional to help you design it. The last thing you want to do is go with the design you doodled on the back of a napkin over dinner the other night. You’ll end up sorry when you realise all those plants you just HAD to have are full shade plants and you’ve got nothing but sun. Or even worse when all those plants and trees are full grown and just don’t fit in your yard anymore because you forgot to account for their growth.

Protect your investment by getting a professional design. Designers consider tons of aspects you wouldn’t know to even think about; plus they’ve got great ideas.

 3light_Thumb.jpg Landscape & lighting by Rhodes Landscape Design

 *FIND THE RIGHT COMPANY* Some landscape companies do designs and installations all in house. Some do only designs and others only do installations. Find a company that offers the services you need. When your looking for that company be sure to check references, get referrals from friends and family, ask to see some of the jobs they’ve completed, do some research. Don’t let all the hard work and planning you’ve done so far go to waste because you hired a fly by night company.

Find a reputable company, like Sacramento based Rhodes Landscape Design, Inc., to help you make the yard of your dreams come true.


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