Don't Be A Dope! Building Your Home Business The Smart Way

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OK, I just wrote an article about being addicted to the outcome in home business prospecting.

It was good. I like it. I hope you read it.

But I also hope you read this one too.

Because the gloves are off.

No more Mrs. Nice Girl.

In doing this for the past 12 years, I figured out most people don’t listen to reason. They don’t follow business plans. They don’t follow any formula, even when it’s the “simple turnkey” thing some of the goofier programs promise.

It is simple. It ain’t easy.

Here’s the real truth… Most of us don’t follow our business building plans because we’re either afraid of letting people know what we do. Or we don’t follow the plans because we’re afraid of success. We don’t want the responsibility of it…only the fantasy of saying, “What if I make $50,000 a month?”

In other words, we’re acting like dopes.

Don’t feel too bad. Everyone who got rich in network marketing was a dope at some point. They had to fix the way they thought. And they had to fix bad habits.

They were dopes. And now they aren’t.

They still do dumb things. But they learn from them. They stopped beating themselves up.

The ones who have been at this for a while and haven’t broken through?


Great people. Beautiful people. People who deserve respect.

But still dopes.

Making the same mistakes over and over again, and expecting something different to happen?


Afraid to let people know what you have, even though it’s good enough for you?


Not finding a system – and STICKING to it – that lets you introduce your deal to a lot of people in a smart, duplicatable way?


We can spend all day rubbing each other’s belly, saying it’s just a matter of time before we break through.

I did that for a long time before I realized I was hurting people more than I was helping them.

Or we can face the truth…

You’re a dope.

I did.

And then I got smart.

And then I made the big money.

I got the recognition and leadership and excitement I craved.

I made mistakes. Still do.

But I stopped being a dope about them.

How about you?

Wanna keep hanging with the “someday” crowd?

Or wanna get past the things that hold you back?

Don’t be a dope.

Be smart.

Follow the examples of the money earners.

The leaders.

The people who love what they do.

And become one of us.


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