How to Go About Interpreting Your Own Dreams

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The interpretation of dreams often carries deep personal meanings and is as distinct as those who dream them. Needless to say, no single method of interpretation, even though in a general context, will be relevant to all dreams that may have similar details. Neither will any symbols nor dream conditions. When evaluating or attempting to interpret a dream, it is vital to give careful consideration to every detail of the dream. Also, pay careful attention to the way you feel inside while in your dream, and also, how it coincides with current situations in your own life.

If you hope to master the art that is involved in the interpretation of dreams, whether just for enjoyment or to further personal and spiritual development, here are certain keys to help you become better at interpreting your own dreams.

After waking up, right after having a dream, without further delay — start rehearsing the events of that dream over and over in your mind. It is vital that you do this straight away. If possible, start prior to even opening your eyes. What you dreamed about have a tendency of slipping out of the memory easily, up to 50% of your recollection of that dream can be gone in as quick as five minutes. Within the space of roughly ten minutes, it’s common to lose more than 90% of what the dream was all about. Rehearsing the dream over and over in your mind will boost your remembrance and help you to retain all the details.

So, the first step towards interpreting your dreams is so to start recording the details right after waking up without any delay. Make sure to give special attention to key aspect, symbols or emotions. Record a couple of words to describe any key factor in your dream as quickly as possible. This is in order that you won’t forget them. By recoding your dream, you will find it much easier to go back over later and fill the gaps. Once more, it is vital to record your dream as soon as possible. Try to always keep a notepad by your bedside to use for recording immediately after a dream.

Decide up on a place less conducive to distractions in your house to start the procedure of interpreting of dream. Isolating from any source of distraction will be essential in retaining all the details. Whichever area of your house you choose ought to be as silent and calm as possible. If there isn’t any such place, look over the notes you recorded another time. Try to add to add to it anything new that comes back to memory, and then review it at a later point in the day when conditions are right.

Make use of your observation while going over the details of your dream that you recorded, and try as best as possible to grasp some understanding from each detail. From a general stand point, you are probably able to discern the message that your dream is attempting to convey to you. Also, making a connection with your inner-self will help to unlock the mysteries of your unconscious mind. Start off unlocking the mysteries of the dream world by meditating for a brief moment. This will help you to tap into your unconscious mind and better able to see the correlation between situations in your dreams and reality.

While going over your notes, give careful consideration to any emotions that get stirred while thinking over specific details in your dream. Give careful consideration also to any emotional reaction that is brought about, both in the dream and while going over the details of the dream. The way you feel while in the dream, and the feelings that gets stirred up while attempting to figure out the meaning, can be insight into certain issues in your life.

Reflect carefully on any detail that stands out such as situations, places, settings or symbols which makes the dream difficult to forget. Try to have an open mind as you carefully assess the likely meaning of the different symbols, situations and episodes. What will be extremely crucial is that you write down in detail what feels you felt during different aspect of your dream into a journal or in a notebook.

While trying to acquire the interpretation of your dream, try not to restrict yourself to the most obvious meaning that the dream seems to imply. For example, if you happen to have a dream about missing an appointment — which could be interpreted as you being overly concerned in regards to being late for work, although a missed appointment may also possibly represent the feeling that an opportunity was missed in life.

You will find that analyzing the connections between the people or the objects in your dream will also helpful to bring clarity to the dream’s explanation. Identifying the connections is particularly helpful when seeking to establish the reason why your dream had different people in it. Reason with yourself as to why you are having these dreams and ponder about the significance of those people who appear in your dreams. Often times the dreams we have about different people isn’t really revealing something about other people, but rather it is an insight into our own selves/personalities.

Whenever you hit a dead end during interpreting of dreams, it’s always better to pause from reviewing the details from your dream that you have written down, and come back to them at a later point. You may also find it helpful if you discussed your dream with someone else, or get in touch with an expert in the area of dream interpretation.


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