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No one wants to here this but sometimes you are feeling  down and upset. and your motivation level is at a 0! do you feel like you have no life . you work take care of your family come home and go to sleep and do it all again the next day?

well if so i might have a few words to say about that.

Yes we love taking care of our families and we work so we can earn a good living and have nice things. But if you are feeling at a motivational 0 then you should really do something about that.

TRY** this **

once a wekk pick a day any day you have a few hours or even an hour .

go do something for your self with our with out money just something for your self that you enjoy.

Taking a walk by the beach do some thinking.

go get your nails done.

hair done.

bring a book to the park and just sit there and read

what ever your intrest is you should do it and get motivated

join a gym or take a dance class.

getting alone time for just your self is very important.

make sure you have that once a week at lest.

you deserve the time.


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